Healthcare Facilities Inspection Reports

The Department of Health conducts regular state licensing or certification inspections of health care facilities throughout the state to ensure their compliance with the state’s licensure or certification requirements. As required by Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) Section 321-1.8, the reports on these inspections shall be posted on the department’s website for access by the public. The inspection reports on this website are for inspections conducted on or after January 1, 2015, pursuant to HRS §321-1.8.

The inspection reports on this website are on the following types of health care facilities:

  • Adult Day Health
  • Adult Day Care Center (ADCC)
  • Community Care Foster Family Homes (CCFFH)
  • Developmental Disabilities Domiciliary Homes (DDDH)
  • Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF-IID)
  • Long-term care facilities as defined in HRS §349-21(f), including:
    • Adult Residential Care Homes (ARCH) and Expanded Adult Residential Care Homes (E-ARCH)
    • Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)
    • Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF)
    • Nursing Facilities (NF)
    • Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)
  • Special Treatment Facilities (STF)

HRS §321-1.8 requires that each posted inspection report shall include the following information:

  1. The date of the inspection;
  2. A description of violations of relevant state laws or rules, if applicable;
  3. Plans of correction and the status of corrective actions in response to any violations, if applicable;
  4. A list and description of all corrective actions taken by the facility, if applicable, to be submitted by the facility and added to the report at a later time, as determined by the department; and
  5. Other information regarding the quality and conditions of the facility the Department of Health deems appropriate.

To view the inspection report of a specific health care facility, use the search function and enter the facility’s name.  The table can also be sorted by name and facility type.  Click on the link under the Inspection Reports column to view that year’s report.  Information that could identify individual residents has been redacted, including conditions, diagnoses, treatment, medication, observations, and other individual information.

Click here to view the inspection reports of Adult Foster Homes under the department’s Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD).

Name of FacilityFacility TypeInspection ReportsInspection ReportsInspection Reports
A & C E-ARCH20152016
A Better LivingE-ARCH20152016
A.C.T.G. ARCH #3E-ARCH20152016
Abigail NavaltaCCFFH20152016
Abner Sales ARCH/Expanded ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Abundia TagaroCCFFH20152017
ACTG Gallegos IVE-ARCH2015
Adela AgpaoaCCFFH20152016
Adela SuzukiCCFFH2016
Adelina SebastianARCH20152016
Adeline CaraangCCFFH2015
Adora Harada CCFFH20152016
Adriana PintorCCFFH2015
Adult Res Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Aged to Perfection - WahiawaADCC201520162017
Aged to Perfection - WaipahuADCC20152016
Agnes GoyaCCFFH2015
Agrifina MarcosCCFFH2015
Aguinaldo'sE-ARCH 20152016
Agustina Daoang ARCH2015
Ahled Domingo CCFFH2015
Ai ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Aida's E-ARCH2015
Aiea Heights Senior LivingE-ARCH2015
Aileen NavaltaCCFFH2016
Aileen RamirezCCFFH201520162017
Aina Haina ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Akalei HaleARCH20152016
Akamai Adult Residential Care HomeE-ARCH2015
Albert Gary GardnerCCFFH20152016
ALDE Care Home ARCH 20152016
Aletha's Expanded ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Alfe Expanded ARCHE-ARCH20152016
All Hearts ARCH, LLCARCH2016
Alma Acasio CCFFH20152016
Alma Agpoon CCFFH20152016
Almira AcasioCCFFH20152016
Aloha Adult DDDH, LLCDDDH20152016
Aloha Angel CareARCH20152016
Aloha ARCHE-ARCH2015
Aloha CareDDDH20152016
Aloha Lifeline ARCH/E-ARCH, L.L.C.E-ARCH2015
Aloha NursingADCC2015
Amelita Samaniego ARCHARCH2015
Amely Supnet CCFFH20152016
Amy Melchor-TamayoCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22017
Ana Liza De Guzman CCFFH2015
Ana Marie AcordaCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Ana Marie ZaragozaCCFFH2015
Analani ARCH, LLC ARCH20152016
Analyn Galapon CCFFH2015
Andaya's ARCH2015
Andrea Abad CCFFH2015
Andrea PaesteCCFFH2016
Angelina Madrid CCFFH2015
Angelita Balualua ARCH2015
Anita LagunoyE-ARCH2015
Anita Locquiao CCFFH20152016
Anita Pinera CCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Anita VenturaCCFFH2015
Ann KimCCFFH20152016
Ann Pearl Nursing Facility SNF201520162017
Annabelle Banez CCFFH2015
Annabelle RielCCFFH2015
Anne-Drew's GentleE-ARCH20152016
Annelyn RavalARCH20152016
Ano Ano, L.L.C.ARCH20152016
Anontia JosueCCFFH2015
Anthony CastilloCCFFH20152016
Antonette SarmientoCCFFH2015
Antonia ArellanoCCFFH20152016
Antonia Delos SantosCCFFH2015
Anupama Afu CCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Apostol Care Home ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Araceli DanaoCCFFH20152016
Araceli NavarroCCFFH2015
Arcadia Retirement ResidenceALF2015
Arceli RemogatCCFFH20152016
Arcelie WeaverCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2 2015 #32016
Archie James AntonioCCFFH20152016
Archie RedorCCFFH20162017
Aristotle RamosCCFFH20152016
Arlene AgpalzaCCFFH20152016
Arlene De Hitta CCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2 2015 #32016
Arlene GamboaCCFFH2015
Arlene Hanks CCFFH2015
Armando BiacanCCFFH20152016
Arnolfa UgotCCFFH20152016
Arsenia RamosARCH20152016
Asena MoalaCCFFH2015
Asuncion Orpiano CCFFH20152016
Athena OrdenCCCFH20152017
Aura SeraE-ARCH2015
Aurelia Jacob CCFFH2015
Aurora CabicoARCH20152016
Aurora Patao ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Babylyn Inglis CCFFH20152016
Bagain Cadiz Care Home E-ARCH 20152016
Balbina RiveraCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Baltazar MayoCCFFH20152016
Barbara CabanesE-ARCH20152016
Beatriz F. CamatCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #2
Beatriz Rivera CCFFH20152016
Belysilda Cielo CCFFH20152016
Berlinda VillaCCFFH2015
Bernadette CabaelCCFFH2015
Bernadette CarlsonCCFFH2015
Bernard SarmientoCCFFH2015
Beth Peralta CCFFH20152016
Betty Rumbaoa CCFFH2015
Betty Vera CruzCCFFH20162017
Beverley YoungCCFFH2015
Blanchita CabilesCCFFH2015
Blandina RetutaE-ARCH20152016
Blue Ocean Care HomeARCH20152016
Brenda RagasaCCFFH20152016
Brenda SandersCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Brigida RamosCCFFH20152016
Buenavista Adult Residential Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Bueno #2E-ARCH201520162017
C. CaraangDDDH20152016
C.P. Gallegos ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Cabingabang Care HomeARCH2015
Callo Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Calucag ARCH Inc. IIE-ARCH20152016
Calucag IIIE-ARCH2015
Candida ForondaCCFFH20152016
Captain Cook Care HomeARCH20152016
Care Homes by Hale MakuaARCH20152016
Caridad SubidoCCFFH2015
Carina DuldulaoARCH20152016
Caring Manoa ARCH IIE-ARCH2015
Caring Manoa, L.L.C.E-ARCH2015
Carlina FernandezE-ARCH20152016
Carlos Care HomeE-ARCH2015
Carmelita BolosanARCH2015
Carmelita MacalutasCCFFH20152016
Carmelita QuemadoCCFFH20152016
Carmelita RodriguezCCFFH20152016
Carmelita SabioCCFFH2015
Carmencita AsuncionCCFFH2015
Carmencita GamponiaCCFFH2015
Carolina AlhambraCCFFH20152016
Carolina EalaCCFFH2015
Caroline BatacanCCFFH20152016
Castora Dela CruzCCFFH20152016
Castro ARCHARCH20152016
Castro's ARCH20152016
Catalina GuzmanCCFFH2015
Catherine SalvadorE-ARCH20152016
Catirina ConcepcionCCFFH2015
Cecelia MarianoCCFFH20152016
Cecilia BelmesCCFFH20152016
Cecilia Naboa CCFFH2015
Celeste Domingo CCFFH20152016
Celestina OliparesARCH20152016
Cesar VenturaCCFFH2015
Cesaria Tabucol CCFFH201520162017
Charesse Tumaneng CCFFH2015
Charisma DomingoCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Charitie GamiaoCCFFH20152017
Charity Adult Residential Care HomeE-ARCH2015
Charity Sabangan CCFFH20152016
Charlita DumotCCFFH20152017
Charlyne Menor CCFFH2015
Charrie CarinoCCFFH2015
Chatylee PataoCCFFH2015
Cherly SilaoCCFFH
Cherry Quibol CCFFH20152016
Chita MadariagaCCFFH20152016
Chona Molina CCFFH20152016
Christine Dela CruzCCFFH20152016
Christine Medrano-GampayonCCFFH2016
Christopher UlepCCFFH20152016
Chun Hee KratzkeCCFFH2015
Cipriana LuczonARCH2015
Claire GabrielARCH20152016
Clarence T.C. Ching Villas at St. FrancisSNF20152016
Claribel Cabantog CCFFH20152016
Clarita Julian ARCH 20152016
Clemencia BermejoCCFFH2015
Cleofe BermudezCCFFH2015
Comfort Care Home, L.L.C.ARCH20152016
Concepcion AgbayaniARCH2015
Concepcion ManogCCFFH20152016
Conchita AcostaARCH2015
Connie Banda CCFFH20152016
Connie's E-ARCH20152016
Corazon Agarpao CCFFH20152016
Corazon BenignoCCFFH20152016
Corazon CabantanganCCFFH20152016
Corazon Dela Rosa CCFFH2015
Corazon DuranARCH20152016
Corazon Sales CCFFH20152016
Corazon Tan CCFFH20152016
Corazon TubanaCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Corinne Moreno CCFFH20152016
Cres TamayoARCH2015
Crescencia GalamgamARCH20152016
Cristina Busbuso CCFFH2015
Cristina DullagaCCFFH20152016
Cuaresma ARCH20152016
Cynthia Maulit CCFFH20152016
D-Well Care ServicesARCH2015
Daisy GanancialCCFFH2015
Daisy Kaneshi CCFFH20152016
Danette ZimmermanCCFFH20152016
Daquip Care HomeARCH2015
David YamaneCCFFH2015
Deanna GreigCCFFH2015
Dedidia AgbulosCCFFH2015
Delailah SatakeCCFFH2015
Digna Quemado CCFFH2015
Dina AgngarayngayCCFFH2015
Divina MapanaoCCFFH201520162017
Divinagrace OrdoniaCCFFH20152016
Dolores BautistaARCH20152016
Dolores Vicencio CCFFH20152016
Domie BolosanARCH2015
Dominador BalinbinCCFFH2015
Domingo's Care Home E-ARCH20152016
Dominica TabisolaCCFFH20152016
Doreen Pagdilao CCFFH20152016
Doreen TorresCCFFH20162017
Dy Malasan CCFFH20152016
E & J Adult Residential Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
E & RE-ARCH20152016
E. F. NicomedesE-ARCH20152016
E. MabiniARCH2015 #1,2015 #22016
E. Ramos ARCH20152016
Edelyn Baltazar CCFFH2015
Eden BachillerCCFFH2015
Ederlina ManzanoCCFFH20152016
Ederlina Tangonan CCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Edeus AgbalogCCFFH2015
Edgar AlbaCCFFH20152016
Edgar Chua BartolomeCCFFH2015
Edita CastroE-ARCH20152016
Edita DomingoCCFFH20152016
Edita MagsipocCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Edith CadienteCCFFH2015
Editha SoriaCCFFH201520162017
Edna ArciagaCCFFH2016
Edna LeanoCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Edna SalomCCFFH2015
Edsa Almazan CCFFH2015
Efgeni KohCCFFH2015
Eilyn Belizon CCFFH2015
Elena DiazCCFFH2015
Elena EtrataCCFFH20152016
Elena FrondaCCFFH201520162017
Elena LaraganCCFFH201520162017
Elena PuestaCCFFH20152016
Elena Sarte CCFFH2015
Elena ViloriaCCFFH20152016
Elena's Expanded Care ARCH, LLCE-ARCH20152016
Elenita VitugCCFFH20152016
Elisa CabalE-ARCH20152016
Elisa Suniga CCFFH20152016
Elisha Marie AcolCCFFH20152016
Elizabeth Cabanatuan CCFFH20152016
Elizabeth CalucagCCFFH2015
Elizabeth CatalanCCFFH20152016
Elizabeth EtrataCCFFH2015
Elizabeth MaldonadoARCH20152016
Elizabeth Pastor CCFFH2015
Elizabeth Soriano CCFFH2015
Ellen CruzCCFFH20152016
Ellen Grace Ruiz CCFFH20152016
Elma SaladinoCCFFH2015
Elma Tierra CCFFH2015
Elmer PerezCCFFH2015
Elpidio TablitARCH20152016
Elsa Atis CCFFH20152016
Elsie Estalilla CCFFH2015
Elsie Javier CCFFH20152016
Elsie LabayogCCFFH2015
Elvira FernandezCCFFH20152016
Emelita LaurenteCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Emely CastroCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Emelyn IlarE-ARCH2015
Emie Joy PomoyCCFFH20152016
Emil Novesteras Jr.CCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Emilia NavarroCCFFH20152016
Emiliana AnchetaARCH20152016
Emilio Andres CCFFH20152017
Emilita AquinoCCFFH2015
Emily JustoCCFFH20152016
Emily LeeARCH20152016
Emily MarianoCCFFH20152016
Emily Rivera CCFFH2015
Emma BanaticlaCCFFH2015
Emma Pasion CachoCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Emma RoseARCH20152016
Emmanuel Arreza CCFFH2015
Emmanuelle CalaycayCCFFH2015
Emmy's E-ARCH2015
Emylyn Malapit CCFFH20152016
Encarnacion MendezCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22017
Enrica AsioCCFFH20152016
Enriqueta Castillo ARCH20152016
Era LuczonCCFFH20152016
Ericson AczonCCFFH2015
Erlinda Ibarra CCFFH20152016
Erlinda IbusCCFFH20152016
Erlinda Kimura CCFFH20152016
Erlinda Ortal CCFFH20152017
Erlinda PaguiriganCCFFH2015
Erlinda UbaldoCCFFH2016
Erlinda's E-ARCH2015
Erma TagacaCCFFH20152016
Esmeralda Laxamana CCFFH20152016
Esmeralda RacachotCCFFH20152016
Esperanza ObreroARCH2015
Estela EllazarE-ARCH20152016
Estela GaleraCCFFH2015
Estela Ventura CCFFH2015
Estelita Batoon CCFFH2015
Estelita CasinoCCFFH2016
Ester NonesCCFFH20152016
Esterlyn Dela CruzCCFFH20152016
Esther CorpuzCCFFH20152017
Esther DumlaoARCH2015
Esther PascualARCH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Estrelita CaramancionCCFFH20152017
Estrelita GaoiranCCFFH201520162017
Estrelita LuczonARCH2015
Estrella CarlosCCFFH2015
Estrella CasianoCCFFH2016
Ethel Ah LoCCFFH2015
Eufemia AguadaCCFFH2015
Eufrocinia MendozaCCFFH20152016
Eugine GanirCCFFH2015
Eulalio NanaCCFFH20152016
Eunice Aguilar CCFFH20152016
Eva Bantolina CCFFH20152016
Evangeline AguinaldoARCH20152016
Evangeline DongalenCCFFH20152017
Evangeline G. JamandreE-ARCH20152016
Evangeline SunajoCCFFH2015
Evelyn AquinoCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Evelyn ArgelCCFFH20152016
Evelyn Arrocena CCFFH2015
Evelyn BeltranCCFFH2015
Evelyn CuramengCCFFH2015
Evelyn Jornacion CCFFH20152016
Evelyn Mar CCFFH20152016
Evelyn RafaelE-ARCH20152016
Evelyn RuizCCFFH20152016
Evelyn ValdezARCH20152016
F. Glenish J. CaraangDDDH20152016
Faatu RipleyCCFFH2016
Faith Harbor Adult Care ARCH20152016
Family Ties Adult Residential Care Home E-ARCH201520162017
Faye AnastacioARCH20152016
Fe DumlaoCCFFH20152016
Fe Manera CCFFH20152016
Feby AdvientoCCFFH2015
Feby JosueCCFFH2015
Felarca Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Felice Guillermo CCFFH20152016
Felicidad MonesARCH20152016
Felicitas PascualCCFFH20152017
Fely BarayugaCCFFH20152016
Fely HidalgoARCH2016
Fely Irons' Adult Residential Care HomeARCH20152016
Fely UgaldeARCH2015
Fernando Care HomeARCH20152016
Ferrer E-ARCH2015
Fidelibus CottageE-ARCH2015
Filipina Ganancial-AndresCCFFH2015
Filma Benigno CCFFH20152016
Filomena BonoanCCFFH20152016
Fina RamosCCFFH20152016
Flojo Quality Affordable Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Florante SolisCCFFH2015
Flordelisa Tomas CCFFH20152017
Flordeliza OnagaCCFFH20152016
Flordina AgustinARCH2015
Floreliza Fiesta E-ARCH20152016
Florence Gadian SelserCCFFH2015
Florence GaygayCCFFH20152016
Florencia Jose CCFFH2015
Florencio RamiroCCFFH201520162017
Florencio SandiCCFFH20152016
Florentina Saludares ARCH20152016
Florie DomingoCCFFH2015
Florily EspinaCCFFH2015
Florimar Jay MiyatCCFFH20152016
Florimel BalauagCCFFH20152016
Frances Gay-YaCCFFH2015
Francisca DalereARCH2015
Francisco Redona CCFFH20152016
Fujii Care Home at MaunawiliE-ARCH20152016
Fukumoto Adult Care Corp.ADCC20152016
Furukawa Living Treasure - PaloloADCC20152016
Furukawa Residential Retreat ARCH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Galanto's ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Galario's Care HomeE-ARCH2015
Galicinao Domiciliary HomeDDDH20152016
Garcia Care HomeARCH2015
Gay RuedoCCFFH20152016
Gaylord'sE-ARCH 2015
Gaylord's IIE-ARCH2015
Gaylord's III E-ARCH2015
Gelacio Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Genevieve WassonCCFFH2015
Genoveva Lagat CCFFH2015
Gerlie MiguelCCFFH20152016
Gina Cacayan CCFFH2015
Gina MauricioCCFFH2016
Gina Yoshikawa CCFFH2015
Gina's ARCH2015
Ginalyn PaguiriganCCFFH2015
Girlie Bigornia CCFFH2015
Gladys Asuncion CCFFH2015
Gladys CastilloCCFFH20152016
Glenda Garcia CCFFH2015
Glenda LeanoARCH20152016
Glenda RamoCCFFH2015
Glenn AbaraCCFFH2016
Glenna McCabe CCFFH20152016
Gliseria Agraan E-ARCH2015
Glodylyn AriotaCCFFH20152016
Gloria Agtang CCFFH20152016
Gloria Amodo ARCH20152016
Gloria BlancoARCH20152016
Gloria CabaneroCCFFH20152016
Gloria CuecoCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22017
Gloria MarianoARCH20152016
Gloria Prieto E-ARCH20152016
Gloria V. Atmospera, ARCHARCH2015
Glorita GiloCCFFH20162017
Golden AcresARCH20152016
Golden Age Health CareE-ARCH20152016
Golden Island ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Grace DolorCCFFH20152016
Grace JadulangCCFFH20152016
Grace Tirador CCFFH20152016
Greta Gamalog CCFFH20152016
Gudelia CruzCCFFH2015
Guillermo ARCHARCH2016
Habitat, Inc.STF2015
Halawa Care HomeARCH2015
Halawa Heights HomeARCH2015
Hale Anuenue Restorative CareSNF20152016
Hale Hau'oliADCC20152016
Hale KuikeE-ARCH20152016
Hale Kuike Bayside, LLCE-ARCH20152016
Hale KupunaE-ARCH2015
Hale Lehua CareHomeARCH2015
Hale Malamalama Mauka ARCH2015
Hale MohaluE-ARCH2015
Hale Nohea, L.L.C.E-ARCH20152016
Hale Olu Care Home, L.L.C.ARCH20152017
Hale Puuhonua, LLCE-ARCH2015
Haven ARCH2015
Hawaii Kai ARCHARCH20152016
Heart to Heart Care HomeARCH2016
Helen AgbayaniE-ARCH20152016
Helen BalilaCCFFH2015
Helen ClaveriaCCFFH2015
Helen Mollman CCFFH2015
Helen Pascua CCFFH2015
Herbert SalesCCFFH20152016
Hermelita MartinezCCFFH2015
Hernani T. Valenzuela Aguilar ARCH/E-ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Hildegard AkeeCCFFH2015
Hilo Medical CenterSNF20152016
Hiolani Assisted Living Center at Kahala NuiALF2015
Hokulaki Elder Care, LLCE-ARCH20152016
Hokulaki Senior Living, L.L.C.E-ARCH2015
Holy Family ARCH IE-ARCH20152016
Holy Family II ARCH IIE-ARCH2015
Home Away From HomeARCH20152016
Honomu Adult Day CenterADCC20152016
HooNani Care HomeARCH20152016
House of AlohaARCH20152016
Huapala Senior Care A, LLCE-ARCH2015
Huapala Senior Care B LLCE-ARCH20152016
Huapala Senior Care C LLCE-ARCH20152016
Huapala Senior Care D LLCE-ARCH20152016
Hughes Care HomeARCH2015
Hulu MakuaADCC20152016
Iluminada DomingoCCFFH2015
Imelda AlbanoCCFFH20152016
Imelda CorderoCCFFH20152016
Imelda DeJesus CCFFH20152016
Imelda Del Rosario CCFFH20152017
Imelda G. ArreolaE-ARCH20152016
Imelda PacrisCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Imelda Sausal CCFFH2015
Imelda Vea CCFFH20152017
Imelda ViernesCCFFH20152016
Imelda VillaspirCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Imelda YadaoCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Irenea B. AlipioARCH20152016
Irene Della Adult Residential Care HomeARCH20152016
Irene VidadCCFFH2015
Island LivingE-ARCH2015
Island Nursing HomeSNF2015 #1 2015 #22016
Island Promise ARCH, L.L.CARCH2015
J.B.M. ARCHE-ARCH20152016
J.C. E-ARCH20152016
Jack and JillDDDH20152016
Jaculino Delos SantosCCFFH2016
Jaja ARCH ARCH2015
Jan Gladhar Rosario CCFFH20152016
Jane CabrerosCCFFH
Jane CutaranCCFFH2016
Janet AgbunagCCFFH20152017
Janet BarriosCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Janet Bautista CCFFH2015
Janet FuntilaCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22017
Janet SuguiCCFFH2016
Janette Nino CCFFH2015
Jasmine Rivera CCFFH2015
Jason Arrocena CCFFH20152016
Jayvie SumobaCCFFH2015
Jayzel PangilinanCCFFH2015
Jean Margaret FloresCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Jean Prieto CCFFH2015
Jeanilette Delos SantosCCFFH2015
Jeanna MongcoCCFFH2015
Jeanne ReutirezCCFFH20152016
Jedeliah FelixCCFFH2015
Jenifer Delos TrinosCCFFH20152016
Jennifer KaukeanoCCFFH20152016
Jennivic BatleCCFFH2015
Jeogy PagtamaCCFFH2015
Jeramie Ulep CCFFH20152016
Jerez Care HomeARCH2015
Jerome UlepCCFFH20152016
Jessica DomingoCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Jessie GaculaARCH2015
Jessie SilaoCCFFH2015
Jessie VillanuevaCCFFH20152016
Jesus Malunao Jr.CCFFH2015
Jesusa GuillermoCCFFH2015
Jesusa RamosCCFFH20152017
Jesusa Sebastian CCFFH20152016
Jhanette NavarreteCCFFH2015
Jin-ok RaCCFFH20152016 #1 , 2016 #2
Jinalyn Bulosan CCFFH20152016
Joane CariagaCCFFH20152016
Joanne Baysa CCFFH2015
Jocelyn AlcarazCCFFH2016
Jocelyn Dela CruzCCFFH2015
Jocelyn LazoCCFFH20152017
Jocelyn Lomboya CCFFH2015
Jocelyn RamelbCCFFH20152016
Joel RosalesCCFFH2015
Joel SolmerinCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Joerelyn Bugauisan CCFFH2015
John IgnacioCCFFH20152016
Johnathan AbaniaCCFFH2015
Johnny FiestaARCH20152016
Jojie FilburnCCFFH20152016
Jomar EspirituCCFFH20152016
Jonathan Beltran CCFFH2015
Joni-Lyne April Nocolas DanaoCCFFH20152016
Jopher SalomCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Josefa BaduaCCFFH20152016
Josefina OwnbeyCCFFH2015
Josefina SaoitCCFFH20152017
Joseph Cauton CCFFH2015
Josephine BioCCFFH20152016
Josephine CabalE-ARCH20152016
Josephine Cabalo CCFFH2015
Josephine DomingoCCFFH20152016
Josephine GanancialCCFFH20152016
Josephine JacintoCCFFH20152016
Josephine JavarCCFFH20152017
Josephine PascuaCCFFH20152016
Josephine SagayagaCCFFH20152017
Josephine TabucbucCCFFH20152017
Josette FalleCCFFH2015
Josie's OhanaE-ARCH20152016
Jovedelin SunigaCCFFH2015
Jovelyn SumaoangCCFFH20152016
Jovita CorcinoCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Jovy BumanglagCCFFH2015
Joy MuncalCCFFH20162017
Joy S. AlconcelE-ARCH20152016
Joyce AlbanoCCFFH2015
Joyce Sharsy CCFFH20152016 #1, 2016 #2
Joyce Yamaoka Care Home, LLCARCH20152016
Juanita GarciaARCH20152016
Juanita Naone CCFFH20152017
Juanita RamosCCFFH2015
Juanita SadoyARCH20152016
Juanita Sagon CCFFH2015
Judilyn ArrudaCCFFH2015
Judith De Los TrinoCCFFH20152016
Judy AguinaldoCCFFH2015
Julia BalonCCFFH20152016
Juliana GanironE-ARCH20152016
Julie BonillaCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22017
Julien VergaraCCFFH20152016
Juliet TaclayCCFFH2015
Julieta Bonilla CCFFH2015
Julieta CambeCCFFH2016
Julita PorteCCFFH20152016
Junie Sales CCFFH20152016
Juvelyn EdadesCCFFH20152016
Ka Punawai Ola SNF201520162017
Kaamilo Hale LLCE-ARCH20152016
Kahuanani PlaceARCH20152016
Kailua GardensE-ARCH20152016
Kailua Kare HomeARCH20152016
Karen AsuncionCCFFH2015
Karen CabuyadaoCCFFH2015
Karen Gay AntonioCCFFH20152016
Karen TomlinsCCFFH20152016
Karen YamashitaCCFFH2015
Katherine Fernando CCFFH20152016
Kau HospitalSNF2015 #1 2015 #2
Kauai Veterans Memorial Hospital SNF2015
Kayoko MiuraCCFFH201520162017
KeAloha Care Home IncARCH20152016
Khrist EmmanuelE-ARCH2015
Kina Ole Estate Ekolu, LLCE-ARCH2015
Kina Ole Estate Elua, LLCE-ARCH2015
Kina Ole Estate, LLCE-ARCH2015
Knight's Victoria HouseE-ARCH2015
Kohala HospitalSNF2015 #1 2015 #22016
Kokua GardensE-ARCH20152016
Kona Adult Day CenterADCC201520162017
Koolau ViewE-ARCH20152016
Korean Care HomeARCH20152016
Kristine DalisayCCFFH20152016
Kristine VicenteCCFFH2015
Kuakini Geriatric CareSNF20152016
Kuakini HomeARCH20152016
L & M ARCH2015
La Vonnie FikesCCFFH20152016
Laarnie Ann BuccatCCFFH20152016
Lani AbaraCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Lani ArellanoCCFFH2015
Lani Kamakahi-KapaonaCCFFH2015
Laura Dela Cruz CCFFH20152017
Lauren PaguiriganCCFFH2015
Lavigne-Namoca Care HomeARCH20152016
Lawrence SabanganCCFFH20152016
Legacy Villa E-ARCH20152016
Leila Stringer CCFFH20152016
Leilanie Frazee CCFFH20152016
Leilanie SacroCCFFH2015
Leilanie Tanaka CCFFH20152016
Lene Rose GalizaCCFFH2015
Lenie AlleraCCFFH2015
Leonarda Batulayan CCFFH2015
Leonida AgasidCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Leonila NuescaARCH20152016
Leonora AntonioCCFFH20152016
Leslie Ann BallesterosCCFFH2016
Leslie Pascual CCFFH2015
Leticia BalaE-ARCH20152016
Leticia's Care HomeARCH20152016
Lewelyn DegraciaCCFFH2015
Lexter BonquinCCFFH20152016
Liabelle Cadiz ARCH, L.L.C.ARCH2015
Liana GiffardCCFFH2015
Liberty AlbanoCCFFH20152016
Liberty EvangelistaCCFFH20152016
Liberty LagpacanCCFFH2015
Ligaya BaduaCCFFH20152016
Ligaya DugayCCFFH2015
Ligaya FernandezCCFFH2015
Lilia Basilio CCFFH20152016
Lilia CuaARCH20152016
Lilia GalutiraCCFFH2015
Lilia RafaelCCFFH20152016
Lilian JoaquinCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Lilibeth MaramagCCFFH20152016
Lily JacintoCCFFH2015
Lily MendozaCCFFH20152016
Lily Zafaralla CCFFH2015
Living ManoaE-ARCH2015
Liza GozumCCFFH20152016
Lodenila Ramos CCFFH20152016 #1, 2016 #2
Lolita Agudelo CCFFH20152016
Lolita LejatCCFFH20152016
Lolita QuiochoARCH20152016
Lolita SugaARCH2015
Lolita Velasco CCFFH20152016
Loraine Cabico-PerezARCH20152016
Loreen TroxelCCFFH20152016
Lorenza TorresCCFFH20152016
Loreta TabucCCFFH2015
Loretta De VeraARCH2015
Loretta G. DomingoARCH2015
Loriella FiestaCCFFH2015
Lorna MacaburasCCFFH20152017
Losaline Tupouniua CCFFH2015
Lota BumanglagARCH20152016
Lotus ADCCADCC201520162017
Louie Bernardo CCFFH20152016
Loumaile CottageARCH2015
Lourdes BumanglagCCFFH20152016
Lovely TongpalanCCFFH20152016
Lucena AndresCCFFH20152016
Lucia Sibayan CCFFH2015
Lucila McCormackCCFFH2015
Lucita GalanoCCFFH2016
Lucrecia D ParaonCCFFH20152016
Lucrecia PastorCCFFH2016
Lucrecia UmagatCCFFH2015
Lucresia Agtarap CCFFH20152016
Ludivina EderCCFFH20152016
Lunalilo Home ARCH IIE-ARCH2015
Lusitana E-ARCH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Luz AgustinCCFFH20162017
Luz AlonzoCCFFH2015
Luz MarquezE-ARCH20152016
Luz RuizCCFFH20152016
Luz TarinayCCFFH20152016
Luz VeaCCFFH20152016
Luzonica Dela RosaCCFFH2015
Luzviminda AlconCCFFH20152016
Luzviminda GodoyCCFFH201520162017
Lydia CarpioCCFFH2015
Lydia DeguzmanARCH2015
Lydia EstelitaCCFFH20152017
Lydia QuemadoARCH2015
Lydia RamiroARCH2015
Lyma Rose AcostaCCFFH20162017
Lynn AgnoCCFFH20152016
Lynn Ann LauCCFFH20152016
Macrene BrownCCFFH20152016
Macrina CastilloE-ARCH20152016
Madelaine CacholaCCFFH2016
Madeline Sagun CCFFH20152017
Madeline UlepCCFFH20152016
Madelyn JulianoCCFFH20152016
Mae Ann Chu-CalaycayCCFFH20152016
Maestro Care HomeARCH20152016
Magda GalvanCCFFH2016
Magdalena BaloranCCFFH2015
Magdalena BonafeCCFFH20152017
Magdalena DuldulaoCCFFH20152016
Magsanide's Care Home, LLCE-ARCH20152016
Makrina SagasayARCH2015
Manayan's ARCH-EC-LLCE-ARCH2015
Manoa Cottage ARCH IIE-ARCH2015
Manoa Cottage Too ARCH IIE-ARCH2015
Manoa Elder Care LLC ARCH IIE-ARCH201520162017
Manoa Senior Care, LLCE-ARCH20152016
Manoa Sunshine-Residential Care, Inc.ARCH2015
Manuel Salazar CCFFH2015
Manuela ZalesCCFFH2015
Marcela BrionesCCFFH20152016 #1, 2016 #2
Marcela Buted CCFFH20152016
Marcelina AmodoARCH20152016
Marcelina Ladines CCFFH2015
Marcelina ObaldoARCH2015
Marcelina SaoitCCFFH20152016
Marfe RetundoCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #2
Margaret DanielewskiCCFFH2015
Margarita Custodio CCFFH20152017
Margarita HipolARCH20152016
Margarita Organistas AquinoCCFFH2016
Margie AgliamCCFFH20152016
Margielyn AciertoCCFFH20152016
Mari Angelene MaluyoCCFFH2015
Maria Bella ConcepcionCCFFH2015
Maria CalapeCCFFH20152016
Maria CariagaCCFFH2015
Maria Charlotte QuitevisCCFFH20152016
Maria Concepcion Ped CCFFH20152016
Maria Dela CruzCCFFH2015
Maria Editha CastilloCCFFH2016
Maria LimCCFFH20152016
Maria Lourdes GaldonesCCFFH2015
Maria Margarita VelezCCFFH20152016
Maria Racachot CCFFH2015
Maria RamosCCFFH2015
Maria RespicioARCH20152016
Maria SardonARCH20152016
Maria Singson-BuenoCCFFH2015
Maria Tabladillo CCFFH20152016
Mariah Angelica Baloran GaerlanCCFFH2015
Maribel FeliceldaCCFFH2016
Maribel FernandezCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Maribelle Agustin CCFFH20152016
Maricel BallaresCCFFH2015
Maricel RosarioCCFFH2015
Maricor Malvar CCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Maricris RodriguezCCFFH201520162017
Maridel SagunCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Marie Angelie ValenciaCCFFH2015
Marie ViduyaARCH2015
Mariefe GalvezCCFFH2015
Marietta FaustorillaCCFFH20152017
Marietta PaguiriganE-ARCH20152016
Marilee AbenojaARCH2015
Marilin MooringCCFFH201520162017
Marilou Guieb CCFFH2015
Marilou Rivera CCFFH2015
Marilou TomasCCFFH2015
Marilyn AurelioCCFFH20152016
Marilyn Castillo CCFFH2015
Marilyn Dela Cruz CCFFH20152016
Marilyn FosterCCFFH2015
Marilyn PurgananCCFFH20152016
Marilyn SpeichingerCCFFH20162017
Marina FernandezCCFFH20152016
Marina GamateroCCFFH2015
Marinellie MalvarCCFFH2016
Mario PatricioCCFFH2015
Mariquit Delong CCFFH2015
Marisol GalzoteCCFFH2015
Marissa GasparCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Marissa Ibera CCFFH2015
Marissa PascualE-ARCH20152016
Marites Anacleto CCFFH201520162017
Marites DomingoCCFFH2015
Marites Edades CCFFH20152016
Marites Fabro CCFFH20152016
Marites FiestaCCFFH20152016
Marites PototCCFFH2015
Maritess Mercado CCFFH20152016
Marivic GallardoCCFFH2015
Marivic PaltingCCFFH2015
Marivic VisayaCCFFH20152016
Mariza Magana CCFFH20152016
Marizel BolosanCCFFH20152016
Marjorie Yago CCFFH2015
Marjory BumatayCCFFH20152016
Mark TapanganCCFFH2015
Marlene DiegoCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Marlin ReynonCCFFH20152016
Marlon ManuelCCFFH20152016
Martin ObaldoARCH201520162017
Martina PadronARCH20152016
Mary Ann CacpalCCFFH20152017
Mary Ann'sE-ARCH2015
Mary CacholaCCFFH2015
Mary Jane Dela PenaCCFFH20152016
Mary Jane LopezCCFFH20152016
Mary Jane Mades CCFFH20152016
Mary Lou WatanabeCCFFH20152016
Mary PantocaCCFFH2015
Mary Rose Velez CCFFH20152016
Marybeth LeanoCCFFH20152016
Marylin VillarARCH2015
Marylo FarinasCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Marylou GorospeCCFFH20152016
Marylou InocencioCCFFH2015
Marysol GanotisiCCFFH20152017
Maui Adult Day Care - KahuluiADCC2015 #1 2015 #22017
Maui Adult Day Care - KiheiADCC2015 #1 2015 #2 2017
Maui Adult Day Care - LahainaADCC20152016
Maui Adult Day Care - OceanviewADCC20152016
May G. ViernesARCH20152016
May Ganton CCFFH2015
May Rose KumarCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Mayrose Bocoboc CCFFH2015
Mayrose MendozaCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Medy's ARCH I, Inc.E-ARCH20152016
Medy's ARCH IIE-ARCH2015
Melanie BaduaCCFFH2015
Melanny Lopez CCFFH2015
Melany RaralioCCFFH20152016
Melda BuenaventuraCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #2
Melecia AndresCCFFH20162017
Melice Ariota CCFFH2015
Melita AgpaoaCCFFH20152016 #1, 2016 #2
Melody PelegreenCCFFH2015
Melody Ramiro CCFFH20152016
Melvin PineraCCFFH20152016
Mely MuellerARCH20152016
Menchie DawangCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Mercedes ArquitolaCCFFH2015
Mercedita Morgia CCFFH2015
Mercedita TiangsingCCFFH2015
Mercy NepomucenoCCFFH20152016
Merly CastilloCCFFH2015
Mharjurie MagsanocCCFFH2015
Mila VeaCCFFH20152016
Milagros BeltranE-ARCH2015
Milagros CabicoARCH2015
Milagros Castro CCFFH2015
Milagros DuropanCCFFH20152016
Milagros ViloriaCCFFH2015
Mildred DacocoCCFFH2015
Mildred Dela CruzCCFFH2015
Milagrina LimCCFFH20152016
Mililani HaleADCC20152016
Minda Pascual-ArnoldCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Minda Rocha Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Minerva Cabang CCFFH2015
Miriam BrillanteCCFFH2015
Miriam GuerreroARCH201520162017
Mitci C AguinaldoCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Mitci Jose AguinaldoCCFFH2015
Moises Mercado CCFFH20152016
Mona LizaARCH20152016
Mona NicolasCCFFH20152016
Monaliza Asuncion CCFFH20152016
Monegas Care Home and Expanded ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Moonlight Vista ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Mydanelle Vila CCFFH20152016
Mylene CeonCCFFH2015
Mylene U MaballoCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Myles Care HomeARCH20152016
Myra Venegas CCFFH2015
Myrna Andres CCFFH201520162017
Myrna BahouCCFFH201520162017
Myrna BaptistaARCH20152016
Myrna FrondaE-ARCH20152016
Myrna TabbayCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Myrna TumbagaCCFFH201520162017
Na PuuwaiADCC201520162017
Nancy Daproza CCFFH20152016
Nancy Modumo CCFFH20152016
Naneth Sue D. Pancipanci CCFFH20152016
Natividad SelgaARCH20152016
Natti Asentista CCFFH2015
Nayda GamiaoE-ARCH20152016
Nazer Efraim PitpitCCFFH20152016
Negrillo's ARCHARCH20152016
Nelia A. BlancoE-ARCH20152016
Nelly AligaE-ARCH201520162017
Nelly Hinoguin CCFFH2015
Nelson SimbajonCCFFH2015
Nenita GouveiaCCFFH20152017
Nercy KramarzCCFFH2015
Nerissa Julian CCFFH20152016
Nerriza Domingcil CCFFH20152016
Nicerita RabutCCFFH20162017
Nikk RumbaoaCCFFH20152016
Nimfa LeslieCCFFH20162017
Ninan BarnesCCFFH20152016 #1, 2016 #2
Nita's ARCH2015
Nita's Quality Home Care ServicesARCH20152016
Nobleza DoroCCFFH20152016
Noemi ArzagaCCFFH20152016
Noemi's ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Nonita AcordaCCFFH2015
Nora BuccatCCFFH20152016
Noralyn MalacasCCFFH20152017
Noralyne CansanaCCFFH2015
Norita MorrisonCCFFH2015
Norma CabusCCFFH2015
Norma Daligcon E-ARCH20152016
Norma DowneyARCH2015
Norma PadreARCH2016
Norma RagasaCCFFH2015
Norma SantosARCH2016 #1, 2016 #2
Norwena Bacud Visitacion CCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22017
Nympha RasayCCFFH20152016
Oceanside Hawaii Assisted LivingALF2015
Oceanside Hawaii Assisted Living ARCH IIE-ARCH20152016
Odette Josue CCFFH2015
Ofelia Mendez CCFFH2015
Ofelia SuarezCCFFH20152017
Ohana Hale, LLC E-ARCH2015
Ohanalani L.L.C.ARCH2015
Okano Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Olivia CorpuzARCH2015
Olivia LewinCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
One Kalakaua Senior LivingALF20152017
Ophelia PabalanCCFFH20152016
Opportunities and Resources, Inc. House 1AICF-IID2015
Opportunities and Resources, Inc. House 3BICF-IID20152016
Orlando Ramos, Jr.CCFFH20152016
Oscar AnunciacionCCFFH2016
Osmenia AquinoCCFFH2016
Pacita AgbisitCCFFH2016
Palolo Chinese HomeADCC20152016
Palolo Chinese HomeSNF20152016
Palolo Chinese Home ARCH IIE-ARCH20152016
Pamela Cabato CCFFH20152016
Paolo Allan DaluddungCCFFH2015
Paradise ARCHARCH20152016
Paranada #2ARCH20152016
Pascua ARCH, LLC E-ARCH2015
Pat TangonanCCFFH20152016
Pat's ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Patricia InocencioARCH20152016
Patrick Bartolome CCFFH20152016
Paula LazoCCFFH2016
Paulina Alboroto CCFFH2015
Pauline AglubaCCFFH2015
Paz Remular CCFFH20152017
Pearl City Nursing HomeSNF2015 #1 2015 #22017
Perla AmistadCCFFH20152016
Perla VillanuevaCCFFH2015
Perlita Tabil CCFFH20152016
Perly Calaycay-Quiaoit CCFFH2015
Petty Basa CCFFH201520162017
Philbert DescalsoCCFFH20152016
Pohai Nani Ahui LauleaE-ARCH20152016
Pohai Nani Ahui MalieE-ARCH20152016
Pohai Nani Ahui OluE-ARCH2015
Pohai Nani Good SamaritanALF20152017
Poncethia R. Rambo'sE-ARCH20152016
Precy VillanuevaCCFFH20152017
Prescila VierckCCFFH2015
Prime Health Services Care HomeARCH2015
Princess Joy DomingoCCFFH2015
Priscila LanaCCFFH20152016
Priscilla Brunn CCFFH20152017
Priscilla LucasARCH201520162017
Priscilla TagataCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22017
Prixie CruzCCFFH2015
Purificacion AguinaldoE-ARCH20152016
R & M Duran, LLCE-ARCH2015
Rachel CastroCCFFH2015
Ragonjan Care HomeE-ARCH2015
Raguindin Malama KauhaleE-ARCH2015
Rainbow Adult Residential Care Home Expanded ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Ramelb Adult Residential Care HomeARCH2015
Raquel AgpaoaCCFFH2015
Raquel Care HomeE-ARCH20152017
Rasela Mataia CCFFH2015
Raymond GarciaCCFFH20152017
Raymunda NebrejaARCH2015
RC Golfview ARCHE-ARCH20152016
RCH - KapalamaDDDH20152016
RCH - Popolo PlaceDDDH20152016
Rebecca Dulatre CCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Rebecca MadridCCFFH20152016
Rebecca NavarroE-ARCH20152016
Redentor Rous CCFFH2015
Regency at Puakea, LLC ALF2015
Regina Dela VegaCCFFH20152016
Relly CabuyadaoCCFFH20152016 #1, 2016 #2
Remedios Atanes ARCH20152016
Remedios Corpuz CCFFH2015
Remedios OamilARCH2015
Remedios Onigama CCFFH2015
Remedios SambajonARCH20152016
Renee Rames CCFFH2015
Renelda RaposasCCFFH2016
Renely UbilasCCFFH2015
Resurreccion Buan CCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016 #1 2016 #2
Revelyn Jacinto CCFFH2015
Reyes Care HomeARCH20152016
Reymalou Tagudin CCFFH2015
Reynaldo Tauyan CCFFH20152017
Rhoda Agliam CCFFH2015
Ricky MericleCCFFH20152016
Rita GalangaCCFFH2015
RJ Santiago ARCH & E-ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Robert CabatuARCH2015
Robert Phillips CCFFH2015
Robert YabutCCFFH20152016
Rochelle DomingoCCFFH20152016
Roderick Haduca CCFFH2015
Rodriguez Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Rogelio/Editha Tapat ARCHARCH2015
Roger ApuyaARCH20152016
Roman Queja CCFFH20152016
Romeo SalomCCFFH20152016
Romina ManaoisCCFFH20152016
Ronnie Paguyo CCFFH2015
Rosalie de AquinoCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Rosalina AyalaCCFFH20152016
Rosalina BalmileroCCFFH20152016
Rosalina BasugCCFFH2015
Rosalina MendozaCCFFH20152016
Rosalinda Alfaro CCFFH20152016
Rosalinda LopezCCFFH20152016
Rosalinda Olivas E-ARCH2015
Rosana DumlaoE-ARCH20152016
Rosana PeruchoCCFFH20152016
Rosarie MarquezCCFFH20152016
Rosario CadelinaCCFFH2016
Rosario LaroyaCCFFH2015
Rosario Nivera CCFFH2015
Rose Hwang's Care HomeARCH2015
Rose Marie PambidCCFFH20152017
Rosebella Balan CCFFH2015
Roselani Place Assisted Living FacilityALF2015
Roselle CatampingCCFFH2015
Rosemarie Ibarra OrialCCFFH20152016
Rosemarie Pe BenitoCCFFH2016
Rosemary Cayabyab CCFFH20152017
Rosemary Pammit CCFFH2015
Roseminic UlepCCFFH20152016
Rosita BaybayanARCH20152016
Rosita LorenzoCCFFH2015
Rowena Agustin CCFFH20152017
Rowena BautistaCCFFH20152016
Rowena Caoili CCFFH2015
Rowena DaligconCCFFH20152016
Rowena HanCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22016
Rowena Lat CCFFH2015
Rowena RabanesCCFFH2015
Rowena SalesCCFFH2015
Ruby CostalesE-ARCH20152016
Rudilia AgpoonCCFFH20152016
Rueda RamosCCFFH20152017
Rufelia TomasCCFFH20152016
Ruth BatanganCCFFH20152016
Ruth Castulo CCFFH2015
Ruth's House, L.L.C.E-ARCH20152016
Ruthie AgbayaniCCFFH20152016
Sagadraca Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Sakura HouseADCC201520162017
Sally Aguinaldo CCFFH2015
Sally BermudezCCFFH20152016
Salthorn HeffronCCFFH2015
Sam VadisirisakCCFFH20152016
Samuel BumatayCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Samuel Mahelona Memorial CenterSNF20152016
Sandra KapelaCCFFH20152016
Santiago Estelita CCFFH2015
Sara ChoiCCFFH2015
Scott ARCHE-ARCH2015
Seagull SchoolsADCC201520162017
Senior Living with Aloha, LLCE-ARCH20152016
Serenity Care CenterE-ARCH20152016
Severino Fernandez CCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2 2016 #1 2016 #2
Shane G. GabonCCFFH20152016
Sharon GasmenCCFFH2015
Sharon Ranido CCFFH2015
Shella Gem P. Navalta CCFFH20152016
Sherill AndresCCFFH2015
Shervi RagasaCCFFH20152016
Sheryl Tagaca CCFFH20152016
Shevon LamugCCFFH2015
Shirley Ann Baptista (Agustin)CCFFH201520162017
Shirley DaguimolARCH2015
Shirley Gapuz CCFFH20152017
Shirley MagaoayARCH20152016
Shirley SerapionE-ARCH201520162017
Shirly LayuganCCFFH2016
Simplicia VenturaCCFFH20152016
Simpliciano's ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Socorro CardonaCCFFH2016
Soledad AgabaoCCFFH20152016
Soliel BlasCCFFH20152016
Song GoyaCCFFH2015
Sonia AgniCCFFH20152016
Sonia Tabladillo CCFFH2015
Soo Yeon PhillipsCCFFH20152016
Soriano Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Sosima SonsonCCFFH2015
St. FrancisADCC201520162017
Starlyn CabadingCCFFH2015
Steven Scott Jr.CCFFH2015
Suetos Care Home ARCH20152016
Sun MoonE-ARCH20152016
Susan IntongCCFFH20152016
Susan's Adult Residential Care, LLCE-ARCH20152016
Susie LeeCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #2
Sweet HavenE-ARCH20152016
T & F Home Service, LLCE-ARCH20152016
T. J. Factora Care HomeARCH2015
Tacotaco ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Tangonan Adult Residential Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Tanisue Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Tender Loving CareARCH20152016
Teodora UncianoCCFFH2015
Teresa CanoyCCFFH20152016
Teresa MateoCCFFH20152016
Teresita CummingsCCFFH2015 #1 2015 #22017
Teresita Domingo Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Teresita Dureg CCFFH2015
Teresita Gaoiran CCFFH20152016
Teresita KohCCFFH20152017
Teresita PagtamaCCFFH2016
Teresita ShumanCCFFH2015
Tereza Miranda CCFFH2015
Tessie Domingo CCFFH20152016
Tessie M. GasparE-ARCH2015
The Arc in Hawaii - Ewa ADDDH20152016
The Arc in Hawaii - Ewa BICF-IID2015
The Arc in Hawaii - Ewa CICF-IID2015
The Arc in Hawaii - HalawaDDDH20152016
The Arc in Hawaii - Kaimuki AICF-IID20152016
The Arc in Hawaii - Lusitana BDDDH20152016
The Arc in Hawaii - Lusitana DDDDH20152016
The Arc in Hawaii - Wahiawa AICF-IID20152016
The Arc in Hawaii - Wahiawa BDDDH20152016
The Arc in Hawaii - Waipahu ADDDH20152016
The Arc in Hawaii - Waipahu BDDDH20152016
The Arc of Kona - Kona Kraft'sDDDH20152016
The Arc of Maui - Hale KanaloaICF-IID20152016
The Arc of Maui - Hale KiheiICF-IID2015
The Arc of Maui - Hale LahainaDDDH20152016
The Arc of Maui - Mana OlaICF-IID20152016
The Plaza at Mililani ALF20152017
The Plaza at PunchbowlALF2015
Thelma GironCCFFH2015
Thelma TugaoenCCFFH20152016
Tina GagabiCCFFH20152016
Tina ParubrubARCH2015
TLC Care Home, LLCARCH20162017
TLC Ohana Hale, Inc.E-ARCH20152016
Trans Haven, Inc.E-ARCH20152016
Trina Abrigo CCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22016
Trinidad RosarioARCH20152016
Trinidad Tumbaga CCFFH2015
Tuliao ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Ugalino ARCHARCH2015
United Family Care Home, LLC ARCH20152016
Valdez Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Vallente Care Home ARCH20152016
Valley View Pearl City, LLCE-ARCH2015
Vargas Care HomeE-ARCH20152016
Venus BalinbinCCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Veronica EstebanARCH2015
Vicky GonzalesCCFFH2015
Victor Laforteza CCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #2
Victoria AgregadoCCFFH20152016
Victoria Gabriella Care HomeARCH20152016
Victoria LovaCCFFH2015
Vilma Penuliar CCFFH20152017
Vilma's Adult Care Home E-ARCH2015
Viloria-Bautista ARCHE-ARCH20152016
Vincent RayoCCFFH2016
Violenda ByrneCCFFH2016
Violet's Home Care LLCE-ARCH20152016
Violeta Bumanglag ARCH20152016
Violeta FiestaCCFFH20162017
Virgencita Postrero-AgetonCCFFH20152016
Virginia SmithCCFFH20152016
Virginia SunigaCCFFH2015
Virginia VitinCCFFH2016
Vising Santiago CCFFH2015
Wailua OhanaARCH2015
Waipahu HaleE-ARCH2015
Waipahu HongwanjiADCC20152016
We Care HomeARCH2015
Welma Abanto CCFFH2015
Werlina Young CCFFH20152016
William Flores Jr.CCFFH2015
Wilma Cauton CCFFH2015
Wilna MadayagCCFFH20152016
Wilson Senior Living KailuaARCH2015
Windward Senior Day CareADCC20152016
Xzor Jay DaguioCCFFH20152016
Yamashiro Care Home, LLCE-ARCH20152016
Yaying HouseE-ARCH20152016
Yolanda De Vera CCFFH2015
Yong Suk Rho Morita CCFFH20152016
Yoon's Care Home ARCH2015
Zen Residences, LLCE-ARCH20152016
Zenaida AgsaldaCCFFH20152017
Zenaida Miller CCFFH2015
Zenaida Palacio-Lazaro CCFFH2015
Zenaida SumagitCCFFH2015
Zenaida TierraCCFFH2015
Zeny AgonoyCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2 2017
Zeny Duropan CCFFH20152016
Oililua Senior Care, Inc. #IIE-ARCH2015
Sharolyn L Galamay, L.L.C.ARCH2016
Soledad PascualARCH20152016
Suenaga II ARCH2015
Adela CorpuzCCFFH2015
Adela Salacup CCFFH2016
Adelaide Pascual CCFFH2016
Alicia AbendanioCCFFH2016
Alma Abellanosa CCFFH2016
Alma Dacuycuy CCFFH2016
Aloha Wellness ADCC20152016
Alsen Saito CCFFH2016
Anabel Cabebe CCFFH2016
Analyn PerezCCFFH20152016
Annette Rivera CCFFH2016
Anthony Jimenez CCFFH2016
Aprilyn Pascual CCFFH2016
Arlene Manuel CCFFH2016
Arlene VillarCCFFH20152016
Benilda Sagabaen CCFFH2016
Bernadette Aquino CCFFH2016
Carina Ocampo CCFFH2016
Carmelita Makolo CCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Carmen Sanchez CCFFH20162017
Carolyn Duquez CCFFH2016
Catherine Edades CCFFH2016
Cesar ComisoCCFFH2016
Charly Micua CCFFH2016
Cheryll ColladoCCFFH2016
Chieko RiccioCCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Christine Bragado CCFFH2016
Clarita Manoja CCFFH2016
Clariza Rabanes CCFFH2016
Connie FelipeCCFFH2016
Conrado Pabalan CCFFH2016
Consolacion LapitanCCFFH20162017
Daisy Jovellanos CCFFH20152016
Debra Alexander CCFFH2016
Denise YoshidaCCFFH20162017
Dino Cacpal CCFFH20152016
Dionisio AguilarCCFFH2015
Dolores Guiao CCFFH2016
Eden Orpilla CCFFH2016
Eden Tumbaga CCFFH2016
Edgar Tuazon CCFFH2016
Editha Negrillo CCFFH2016
Elena Sevilla CCFFH2016
Eliel Corpuz CCFFH20152016
Emily Saturnino CCFFH2016
Emma Balallo CCFFH2016
Conchita Batoto CCFFH20152016
Emerita Dela Cruz CCFFH20152016
Emy LeeCCFFH2016
Erlinda Agcaoili CCFFH2016
Esther Skinner CCFFH2016
Fidela Batoon CCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Flordeliza Dela Cruz CCFFH2016
Florentina Nunez CCFFH2016
Franciscan ADCC20152016
Franco Estabillo CCFFH2016
Gemma Alvia CCFFH20152016
Gemma Bautista CCFFH2016
Genedina AlbanoCCFFH20152017
Geovanee Laya CCFFH2016
Gerald Nakata CCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Gilbert Julian Jr CCFFH2016
Gina Oen-Mitchell CCFFH2016
Glenda Felix CCFFH2016
Glenda PitaCCFFH2016
Gloria Aves CCFFH2016
Gloria Sablay CCFFH2016
Grace Constantino-Reyes CCFFH2016
Grace Jacinto CCFFH20152016
Grace Tungpalan CCFFH2016
Gracia Agcaoili CCFFH2016
Henry Caddali CCFFH20162017
Hilary Ubilas CCFFH2016
Ho'o Nani Place ADCC20152016
Iluminada Morin CCFFH2016
Imelda Bonilla CCFFH20152016
Irene Redoble CCFFH2016
Isabel Infante CCFFH20162017
Jackielyn BautistaCCFFH2016
Jacqueline Atienza CCFFH2016
Jamaica Dalope CCFFH2016
Janet Sion CCFFH2016
Janeth Doruelo CCFFH2016
Jean Lim CCFFH20152016
Jennifer Guillermo CCFFH2016
Jennifer Oguma CCFFH2016
Jesus Garcia CCFFH20152016
Jhoan Acosta CCFFH2015
Jociel Domingo-NonesCCFFH2015 #1, 2015 #22016 #1 2016 #2
Jolly Orozco CCFFH20152016
Josefina Daga CCFFH2016
Josephine Agarpao CCFFH2016
Judith Sanchez CCFFH2016
Juvy Caslib CCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
King Lunalilo ADCC20152016
Krystle Agaton CCFFH20162017
Kuakini - PaliADCC2015
Lemelyn Maluyo-Mabuti CCFFH20152016
Leoven Deloso CCFFH2016
Live Well at Iwilei ADCC20152016
Lolita Schimmel CCFFH2016
Lorena Kawamoto CCFFH20152016
Lovelle Flores CCFFH2016
Mae Margarette MagaoayCCFFH2016
Manelyn Higa CCFFH20152016 #1 2016 #22017
Ludivina FarinasCCFFH2016
Luz Bareng CCFFH2016
Luzviminda Kaholi CCFFH2016
Lydia Ramiscal CCFFH20152016
Mabelle Callorina CCFFH2016
Maria Fe Mabborang CCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Maria Jenks CCFFH20152016
Maribel Tan CCFFH2016
Mariedel Garingo CCFFH2016
Marilyn Miguel CCFFH2016
Marilyn Palisbo CCFFH2016
Marcelina Tito CCFFH2016
Margaret Ibus CCFFH2016
Marites Falima CCFFH2016
Marites Manayan CCFFH2016
Mark Jara CCFFH20162017
Marlina Fernando CCFFH2016
Mary Ann Katano CCFFH2016
Mary Fe Ricana CCFFH2016
Mayrose Bamba CCFFH20152016
Melanie Domer CCFFH2016
Marissa Garcia CCFFH2016
Melanie Valera CCFFH2016
Melanie Viernes CCFFH2016
Melody Yasay CCFFH2016
Meloni Trias CCFFH2016
Merl Cabradilla CCFFH2016
Michelle Sabangan CCFFH20162017
Mila Burcena CCFFH2016
Milba Melchor CCFFH2016
Mildred Uytiepo CCFFH2016
Mineriza Pascua CCFFH20152016
Melanie Jovenal CCFFH2016
Melanie Salgado CCFFH20152016
Nancy Ybanez CCFFH2015
Nancy Lopez CCFFH2016
Natividad Ganal CCFFH2016
Nicole Ganitano CCFFH2015
Nora Holl CCFFH2016
Noreen Montijo CCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Modesta Dela Cruz LeoncioCCFFH20152016
Poblezita VillatorCCFFH2016
Regie CacayorinCCFFH2016
Regina RaderCCFFH20162017
Remedios ManuelCCFFH2016
Norma CamperCCFFH2016
Norma RomeroCCFFH2016
Norma TanCCFFH2016
Ofelia SagucioCCFFH2016
Rosalie Alcon CCFFH20152016
Rosalie FischerCCFFH20162017
Rosario Tabilisma CCFFH2016
Rose Ann Cabe CCFFH2016
Rose Galiza CCFFH2016
Rowena Visaya CCFFH2016
Ruby Balantac CCFFH2016
Sabrina Nishihara CCFFH2016
Shallee Erorita CCFFH2016
Sherry Bayangos CCFFH2016
Sherry-Anne Viernes CCFFH2016
Thelma Agbayani CCFFH2015
Thelma Pagtama CCFFH2016
Therese Vigilla CCFFH20162017
Tomasa Tapat CCFFH20152016
Vi Balantac CCFFH2016
Vicenta Domingo CCFFH2016
Victorina Agustin CCFFH2016
Sunny Lee CCFFH20162017
Susan Jung CCFFH2016
Teresita MalvarCCFFH2016
Virgie Garo CCFFH2016
Virginia Montano CCFFH20162017
Vivian Gamiao CCFFH2016
Welma Nalos CCFFH2016
Yeunsil ParkCCFFH2016
Zenaida Ramos CCFFH2016
Arcadia Retirement Residence SNF2016
Avalon Care Center SNF2016
Hale Ho'ola HamakuaSNF2016
Hale Malamalama SNF2016
Hale Ola KinoSNF2016
Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Care Center SNF2016
Hi'olani Care Center at Kahala Nui SNF2016
Kauai Care CenterSNF2016
KFH- Malama 'Ohana Nursing and Rehab CenterSNF2016
Kula HospitalSNF2016
Kulana MalamaSNF2016
Lanai Community HospitalSNF20162017
Life Care Center of KonaSNF2016
Opportunities and Resources, Inc. House 1CICF-IID2016
Opportunities and Resources, Inc. House 3AICF-IID2016
Opportunities and Resources, Inc. House 3CICF-IID2016
The Arc in Hawaii - Kaimuki BICF-IID2016
The Arc In Hawaii - 6AICF-IID2016
Liliha Healthcare CenterSNF2016
Arceli TabagCCFFH2016
Azucena LuizCCFFH2016
Belinda GalinatoCCFFH2016
Benilda Dimaya CCFFH2016
Bernadette Firme CCFFH2016
Cynthia Gima CCFFH2016
Editha Acupido CCFFH2016
Eliza Bonilla CCFFH2016
Estela Aganos CCFFH2016
Aleli Daligdig CCFFH2016
Eufrocina Ledda CCFFH2016
Ana RamosCCFFH2016
Eva Francisco CCFFH2016
Evangeline Billena CCFFH2016
Leonor Aglanao CCFFH2016
Luzviminda Padilla CCFFH2016
Marissa Domingo CCFFH2016
Mary Jhane Lazo CCFFH2016
MaryAnn Barrientos CCFFH2016
Melendrina Bumanglag CCFFH2016
Mercy Esteban CCFFH2016
Myung Suk Hiruko CCFFH2016
Ruth Bonilla CCFFH2016
Sheila Limon CCFFH2016
Vilma Rabena CCFFH2016
Violeta Bernardino CCFFH2016
Zita Gomes CCFFH2016
Necita Chaffin CCFFH2016
Rosita Peneku CCFFH2016
Imelda AnchetaE-ARCH20152016
Manoa Senior Care A E-ARCH2016
Manoa Senior Care BE-ARCH2016
Ka Malama Home II E-ARCH2016
Serenity Hawaii Carehome LLCARCH20162017
Winmax Senior Care L.L.C.E-ARCH2016
Bernardo Care HomeARCH2015
Fe PenaE-ARCH2015
The Arc in Hawaii - Kamehame HomeDDDH2015
The Arc in Hawaii - Lusitana A DDDH20152016
The Arc in Hawaii - Lusitana C DDDH20152016
Hawaii Kai Retirement Community Phase I & IIALF2016
Ligaya Navasca Dom Home, LLCDDDH20152016
Opportunities and Resources, Inc. - 2BDDDH20152016
Opportunities and Resources, Inc. - 2CDDDH20152016
Opportunities and Resources, Inc. - Unit #10DDDH20152016
15 CraigsideALF2016
Alma and Richard PilarDDDH20152016
The Arc of Maui County - Molokai Residence Hale MaunaloaDDDH20152016
Palma Nova DDDH2015
Regency at HualalaiALF2016
The Plaza at MoanaluaALF2016
The Plaza at WaikikiALF2016
Hale KupunaSNF2016
Aloha House, Inc.STF2016
Benchmark Behavioral Health System, Inc.STF2016
Hale Kauoha KakouSTF2016
Hoomau Ke Ola IISTF2016
Poailani Dual Diagnosis Program STF2016
Raza Adult Residential Care Home - Expanded CareE-ARCH2016
Salvation Army Addiction Treatment ServicesSTF20152016
Women's WaySTF2016
Lorenzo Care Home, LLCE-ARCH2015
Noho Ana Ike Residential Treatment ProgramSTF2016
Life Care Center Of Hilo SNF2016
Esperanza Javier CCFFH2016
Glay-Ann MolinaCCFFH2016
Imelda FagaraganCCFFH2016
Janeth Dulig CCFFH2016
Manilyn NagtalonCCFFH2016
May SimeonCCFFH2016
Nadine GanirCCFFH2016
Natylia MiyatCCFFH2016
Norma CarinoCCFFH2016
Pasiana SpellicyCCFFH2016
Angelita SardenaCCFFH2016
Oililua Elder Care, Inc., #IIIE-ARCH20152016
Poailani Inc. STF2016
TJ Factora Care HomeARCH20152016
Angels from Heaven, Inc.DDDH2015
C.A.R.E. Cottage - Hilo #2 STF2016
C.A.R.E. Cottage - HiloSTF2016
Hale Harmony E-ARCH20152016
Ka Pa Ola STF2016
Hale HoomakaanaSTF2016
Bernadette VeraCCFFH2016
Cristina BasilioCCFFH2016
Fanny TanCCFFH2016
Lilibeth Badua CCFFH2016
Magdalena Banda CCFFH2016
Magielyn Dulay CCFFH2016
Marivyn Casino CCFFH2016
Melinda Benedicto CCFFH2016
Rosalia RomanCCFFH2016
Maunalani Nursing and RehabSNF2016
Kahuku Medical Center SNF2016
Gabriel Care Home E-ARCH2015
Galan's Care Home E-ARCH2015
Oililua Eldercare, Inc. #1 E-ARCH2015
The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center STF2016
Josephine Gamiao CCFFH2016
Maritess Ramirez CCFFH2016
Mary Jean Guira CCFFH2016
Mary Jane Ritumban CCFFH2016
Menes SaoitCCFFH2016
Rosa Ishihara CCFFH2016
Thelma Maglines CCFFH2016
Sand Island Treatment CenterSTF2016
Carmenchu Cortez CCFFH2015
Christina KealohaCCFFH20152016
Diana Machado CCFFH2015
Editha Jacinto CCFFH20152017
Erlinda Laasaga CCFFH2015
Erlinda Mirasol CCFFH2015
Estela Leslie CCFFH2015
Gloria Corpuz CCFFH2015
Juliet Orpilla CCFFH2015
Juliet Piano CCFFH2015
Julita Rivera CCFFH20152016
Marilyn Juan CCFFH2015
Michelle Bolibol CCFFH2015
Michelle Champion CCFFH2015
Noly Bacerra CCFFH20152017
Orlina Barrientos CCFFH2015
Raquel Lagpacan CCFFH2015
Rhoda Bolosan CCFFH2015
Ronald Camper CCFFH2015
Royal Solmerin CCFFH2015
Scott Stubbert CCFFH20152016
Hermelina Apuya E-ARCH2015
Lita Soria E-ARCH2015
Giovannie SibayanCCFFH2016
Jesusa AlcantaraCCFFH2016
Juliet AcobaCCFFH2016
Leslie DomingoCCFFH2016
Maria AgbisitCCFFH2016
Roina DumalagCCFFH2016
Romeo Salom Jr.CCFFH2016
Susan BogleCCFFH2016
Trinidad LamegCCFFH2016
Bonifacio TanCCFFH2016
Gina AgpaoaCCFFH2016
Adoracion Castillo CCFFH2016
Ann Caddali CCFFH2016
Daisy Jane Madrid CCFFH2016
Edna Rice CCFFH2016
Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home SNF2016
The Plaza at Pearl CityALF2016
Erick CrisostomoCCFFH2016
Gina DomingoCCFFH2016
Eduardo DuquezCCFFH2016
Juliana DomingoCCFFH2016
Juanito CastanagaCCFFH2016
Juliana AguinaldoCCFFH2016
Maritess Tenorio CCFFH2016
Theresa Elgar CCFFH2016
Wilson Verdadero CCFFH2016
Chealeen ObreroCCFFH2016
Edward BaniquedCCFFH2016
Jane FernandezCCFFH2016
Leilani DomingoCCFFH2016
Leocadio Tactacan, Jr.CCFFH2016
Nilda WhitingCCFFH2016
Ogilyn RamosCCFFH2016
Perla QuijanoCCFFH2016
Preciosa RojasCCFFH2016
Rubylyn FiestaCCFFH2016
Vicenta AcostaCCFFH2016
Mila Rose PasamonteCCFFH2016
Milagros DomingoCCFFH2016
Lily Badua ARCH20152016
Zenaida's ARCH2016
Leahi Hospital SNF2016
Nuuanu Hale SNF2016
G. Inocencio's ARCH2016
15 Craigside SNF2016
Consolacion RamosARCH2015
Pu'uwai 'O Makaha SNF2016
Hale Makua - WailukuSNF2016
Kalaupapa Care HomeE-ARCH2015
Hina MaukaSTF2016
Oahu Care FacilitySNF2016
Ed & Rose E-ARCH2016
Wahiawa General Hospital SNF2016
The Arc In Hawaii - 6B ICF-IID2016
Bobby Benson Center STF2016
Rafael Care HomeE-ARCH2015
Alejandrina SeatrizCCFFH2016
Amalia Garcia-LindenmuthCCFFH2016
Analyn KagimotoCCFFH2016
Carina AguilarCCFFH2016
Eredulin JulianCCFFH2016
Flordeliza BragaCCFFH2016
Furukawa Living Treasure - BrighamADCC20152016
Grace SacramentoCCFFH2016
Juvy PerezCCFFH2016
Estrella RabagoCCFFH2016
Kuakini - AieaADCC20152016
Llovelson SantosCCFFH2016
Ethelyn NacionCCFFH2016
Lourdes Macha CCFFH2016
Lyndon Redona CCFFH2016
Mae Dawn Lagmay CCFFH2016
Maria Casaje CCFFH2016
Marissa Ruiz CCFFH2016
Mirasol Manley CCFFH2015
Noemi AntonioCCFFH2016
Elizabeth Galanto CCFFH2016
Esmeralda Miyazaki CCFFH2016
Evelyn Isabelo CCFFH2016
Helen Sembran CCFFH2016
Larry Quiabang CCFFH2016
Maricar FranciscoCCFFH2016
Marina Khrapov CCFFH2016
Marisa Viernes CCFFH2016
Pearl City HaleADCC20152016
Puluma Na KupunaADCC20152016
Remedios LaforgaCCFFH2016
Roberto SanchezCCFFH2016
Rowena SabioCCFFH2016
Michelle BalisacanCCFFH2016
Myrna CaroCCFFH2016
Sonia PagdilaoCCFFH2016
Tessie ObaldoCCFFH2016
Thelma OrtalCCFFH2016
Vicenta CadelinaCCFFH2016
Victoria BakerCCFFH2016
Wilma CervaniaCCFFH2016
Ruby DomingoCCFFH2016
Lilia PulidoCCFFH2016
Luzvelinda WilsonCCFFH2016
Marissa RomanCCFFH2016
Marites QueddingCCFFH2016
Bernadette VelascoCCFFH2016
Grace AndresCCFFH2016
Hilaria PanglaoCCFFH2016
Leonor MalvarCCFFH2016
Rochelle Bartolome SteffensCCFFH2016
Riingen ARCH/Expanded ARCHE-ARCH2016
Alwyn BonoanCCFFH2016
Angelina LopezCCFFH2016
Arsenio LopezCCFFH2016
Catherine Gacula CCFFH2016
Diannah Macha CCFFH2016
Dy Elma Akiyama CCFFH2016
Emilie DomingoCCFFH2016
Ernesto TadeoCCFFH2016
Florabel Dalmacio CCFFH20162017
Gina TugadeCCFFH20162017
Emily TopenioCCFFH2016
Emorita Mikul CCFFH2016
Jeannie Abero CCFFH2016
Jeffry Arellano CCFFH2016
JLJAG ADCC20152016
Jocelyn Rosabia CCFFH2016
Joenalyn Solmerin CCFFH2016
Grace FerminCCFFH2016
Leonora Gozon-Tagalog CCFFH2016
Linda KubaCCFFH2016
Lorylin MirasolCCFFH2016
Maria PeretzCCFFH2016
Marieta Reyes CCFFH2016 #1 2016 #2
Mariedel GanotisiCCFFH2016
Marites BaritCCFFH2016
Marjorie ForondaCCFFH2016
Marlene CasemCCFFH2016
Mary Rose RamirezCCFFH2016
Renalyn AseretCCFFH2016
Rowena CenenceCCFFH2016
Ofelia AlbanoCCFFH2016
Olga ShkredkoCCFFH2016
Perla ValdezCCFFH2016
Teresita CacpalCCFFH2016
Venancio BlancoCCFFH2016
Victoria MoralesCCFFH2016
Wilhelmina BotelhoCCFFH2016
Zeny BasconcilloCCFFH2016
Rufina SamsonCCFFH2016
Susana CabanCCFFH2016
Legacy Hilo Rehab and Nursing Center SNF 2016
Asolelei Laloulu CCFFH2016
Belma Wangit CCFFH2016
Brenda Duldulao CCFFH2016
Catalina Tano CCFFH2016
Ka'u Hospital SNF2016
Corazon Sacayanan CCFFH2016
Evangeline Agonias CCFFH2016
Heide Aquino CCFFH2016
Jeanette Liggayu CCFFH2016
Leilani Nagtalon CCFFH2016
Ma Lournalee Asuncion CCFFH2016
Madelyn Arellano CCFFH2016
Margerie Medina CCFFH2016
Marites Calapini CCFFH2016
Marlene Corpuz CCFFH2016
Sharlene KainaCCFFH2016
Garden Isle Health Care and Rehab SNF2016
Grace CamachoCCFFH2016
Kresta RiveralCCFFH2016
Marissa DomondonCCFFH2016
Maryvin AnchetaCCFFH2016
May Bernal CCFFH2016
Aristopher GabrielCCFFH2016
Aurelia PadillaCCFFH2016
The Care Center of HonoluluSNF2016
Hale Makua - Kahului SNF2016
Alejandro SalomCCFFH2016
Gracemarie YapCCFFH2016
Hawaii Island Adult Day Care, Inc.ADCC2016
Hazeline TabanCCFFH2016
Joan FloresCCFFH2016
Leticia DaguloCCFFH2016
Liezl CasidoCCFFH2016
Marissa BonillaCCFFH2016
Martina RanchezCCFFH2016
Patricia NicolasCCFFH2016
Luzviminda Dela CruzCCFFH2016
Marilyn Basuel CCFFH2016
Jelly RepuyaCCFFH2017
Eufracio BugarinCCFFH2016
Alma Joy RamonesCCFFH2016
Jojie CabutajeCCFFH2017
Andrea SolisCCFFH2017
Aina Haina Quality Living E-ARCH 20152016
Pearl City Specialized Residential Services PopulationSTF2016
Pohai Nani Ahui NaniE-ARCH2016
C.A.R.E. Hawaii, Inc. Emergency Shelter-Emergency Respite STF2016
Fajotina Care HomeE-ARCH2016
Rachiel CorpuzCCFFH2016
Larry SaladinoCCFFH2017
Crystal AlcantaraCCFFH2017
Wella Joy SaupanCCFFH2017
Aloha Nursing and Rehab CentreSNF2016
Kaimuki Senior Care, L.L.C. (930 12th Avenue)E-ARCH2016
Kaimuki Senior Care, L.L.C. (918 12th Avenue)E-ARCH2016
Likini Licensed Crisis Residential Services STF2016
Eva SugaCCFFH2017
Kathleen Pascua CCFFH2017
Kathrina Pascua CCFFH2017
Lea Daguro CCFFH2017
Love Grace Galicinao CCFFH2017
AnoAno, L.L.C.ARCH2015
Cesaria ReyesARCH2015
Melba Acedo ARCH2016
Calucag ARCH-I E-ARCH2016
J & A E-ARCH2016
Ofelia Solmerin E-ARCH2016
A.C.T.G. Gallegos IV E-ARCH2017