Sexual and Gender Minorities (SGM) Resource Hub

Sexual and gender minorities (SGM) in Hawaii are disparately impacted by many health and social issues, including infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and STIs. Recent reports from the Department of Health found stark disparities between lesbian, gay, bisexual, and questioning (LGBQ) and their heterosexual counterparts. View 2017 report; and between transgender youth and their cisgender counterparts. View 2018 report

However, the reports also highlighted the resiliencies and lived experiences of SGM individuals, including the rich cultural legacy of Native Hawaiian peoples. Recognizing the unique needs of the diverse SGM community, the Department of Health convened the Hawaii Sexual and Gender Minority Workgroup in 2017 to provide guidance and resources, including those included on this website. To join the workgroup or to share resources and feedback, email Workgroup Co-Chair, Thaddeus Pham.


2017 Report

2018 Report