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Full Technical Guidance Manual This is a PDF Portfolio; download and open with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. 102.8 MB
Introduction 200 KB
Section 1 – HEER Responsibilities, And Organization 450 KB
Appendix 1-A – HEER Office Organizational Chart 185 KB
Section 2 – Site Discovery, Investigation, and Cleanup 552 KB
Appendix 2-A – Release Inventory Guideline 205 KB
Appendix 2-B – Release Notification Guideline 187 KB
Appendix 2-C – Reportable Quantities (Abst Number) 186 KB
Appendix 2-D – Reportable Quantities (Chem Name) 186 KB
Section 3 – Site Investigation Design And Implementation 3.6 MB
Appendix 3-A – Guidance for the Evaluation of Imported and Exported Fill Material, Including Contaminant Characterization of Stockpiles 42 KB
Section 4 – Soil Sample Collection Approaches 3.5 MB
Appendix 4-A-1 – Volatile Chemicals Requiring Field Preservation of Soil Sample Increments 342 KB
Appendix 4-A-2a – Semi-volatile or Otherwise Unstable Chemicals Requiring Laboratory Subsampling of Soil Samples Prior to Processing 281 KB
Appendix 4-A-2b – Physiochemical Constants for Targeted PAHs 273 MB
Section 5 – Soil and Sediment Sampling Guidance 5.0 MB
Section 6 – Groundwater and Surface Water Sampling Guidance 6.9 MB
Appendix 6-A – AMAP Guidelines and Sampling Notes (HDOH CWB 2015a,b) 189 KB
Appendix 6-B – Groundwater Sampling (USEPA 2017) 189 KB
Appendix 6-C – Groundwater Level and Well Depth Measurement (USEPA 2013) 190 KB
Appendix 6-D – Passive Sampler Technologies (ITRC 2006, 2007) 191 KB
Appendix 6-E – Field Equipment Decontamination (USEPA 2020a) 189 KB
Appendix 6-F – Investigation Derived Waste Management (USEPA 1996, 2020b) 191 KB
Section 7 – Soil Vapor and Indoor Air Sampling Guidance 8.3 MB
Section 8 – Field Screening Methods 2.2 MB
Section 9 – Supplemental Guidance for Select Contaminants of Concern 959 KB
Appendix 9-A – General Pesticide Information 578 KB
Appendix 9-B – Initial Shortlist of Pesticides Used in Sugarcane and Pineapple Operations and Selection for Further Consideration 430 KB
Appendix 9-C – Summary of Pesticides Used in Sugarcane and Pineapple Operations and Selection for Further Consideration 416 KB
Appendix 9-D – Guidance Fact Sheet for Use When Petroleum Contamination is Encountered During Subsurface Soil Excavation 274 KB
Appendix 9-E – Update to Soil Action Levels for Inorganic Arsenic and Recommended Soil Management Practices 186 KB
Appendix 9-F – Update to Soil Action Levels for TEQ Dioxins and Recommended Soil Management Practices 187 KB
Section 10 – Data Quality Assurance and Quality Control 536 KB
Section 11 – Handling and Analysis of Samples 428 KB
Appendix 11-A – Laboratory Methods, Containers, Preservation, and Holding Times for Multi Increment Soil Samples 366 KB
Appendix 11-B – Laboratory Methods, Containers, Preservation, and Holding Times for Groundwater Samples 306 KB
Section 13 – Environmental Hazard Evaluation 1.8 MB
Section 14 – Removal Actions 326 KB
Section 15 – Fast Track Cleanups 546 KB
Appendix 15-A Fast Track Cleanups Site Screening Form 187 KB
Appendix 15-B Fast Track Cleanups Application and Agreement Form 188 KB
Appendix 15-C Fast Track Cleanups Frequently Asked Questions 248 KB
Section 16 – Remedial Actions 1.2 MB
Section 18 – Report Formats and Content Guidelines 1.2 MB
Section 19 – Site Closures 469 KB
Appendix 19-A – Long-Term Management of Petroleum-contaminated Soil and Groundwater 186 KB
Section 21 – Environmental Risk Assessment Guidance for Marine Coastal Environments 4.3 MB
Appendix 21-A – Species Profiles and Exposure/Effects Data 6.3 MB
Appendix 21-B – Scoping Checklist 366 KB
Appendix 21-C – Defining Ecologically-Based Decision Units 230 KB
Appendix 21-D – Habitat Profiles 2.6 MB
Appendix 21-E – Evaluating Bioaccumulating Chemicals 352 KB
Appendix 21-F – Refining Assumptions of Bioavailability 374 KB
Appendix 21-G – Sample Table of Contents: Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment (BERA) Work Plan/Sampling and Analysis Plan (WP/SAP) and BERA Report 459 KB
Master Reference List 2.5 MB
Master Acronym and Abbreviation List 559 KB
Log of TGM Updates 316 KB
Additional Guidance Documents 276 KB
(HDOH, 2017d) Guidance for Soil Stockpile Characterization and Evaluation of Imported and Exported Fill Material. 3.5 MB
(HDOH, 2012c) Field Investigation of the Chemistry and Toxicity of TPH in Petroleum Vapors: Implications for Potential Vapor Intrusion Hazards. 13.8 MB
(HDOH, 2011d) Summary of Pesticide and Dioxin Contamination Associated with Former Sugarcane Operations. 416 KB
(eabtlmfall2011.xls) Batch Test Leaching Model Spreadsheet. 146 KB
(HDOH 2011i) Notes and Calculations Excel Tables Use of Decision Unit and Multi-increment Soil Sample Investigation Approaches to Characterize a Subsurface Solvent Plume. 4.2 MB, 3.7 MB, 254 KB
(HDOH, 2011b) Technical Guidance Manual Notes: Decision Unit and Multi-increment Sample Investigations. 4.2 MB
(HDOH 2011f) Screening for Environmental Hazards at Sites with Contaminated Soil and Groundwater. 5.3 MB
(HDOH 2007c) Long-term Management of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil and Groundwater. 161 KB
(HDOH 2007) Use of laboratory batch tests to evaluate potential leaching of contaminants from soill. 215 KB