Hazard Evaluation Section

Hazard Evaluation Section

The Hazard Evaluation (HE) Section works to identify, evaluate and mitigate chemical contamination risks to human health and the environment. This is accomplished through toxicological and risk assessments of chemical threats to human health as well as establishing cleanup levels for chemical contamination.

Members of the HE Section design and perform scientific and epidemiological studies to evaluate known or potential risks. They provide guidance and training related to the HEER Office Technical Guidance Manual (TGM), sampling methods, and other risk assessment tools.

The HE Section collaborates with the Hawaiʻi Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (HI-CLPPP), the Hawaiʻi Poison Center, the Department of Agriculture Pesticides Branch, and other Department of Health Branches to investigate and mitigate hazards. Of highest priority for the HE Section is the work done to assist the people of Hawaiʻi via public health education and outreach.

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