Report Review Worksheet

The HEER Office has created a Report Review Worksheet which is intended to be used as a tool by HEER Remedial Project Managers (RPM) for reviewing and evaluating if a report sufficiently fulfills investigation/cleanup requirements presented in the HEER Technical Guidance Manual (TGM). The worksheet structure is consistent with guidance on investigation/cleanup reports described in the TGM. Each worksheet section is composed of a number of questions to be answered by the HEER Office RPM to assess whether a specific topic, data requirement, or description is sufficiently addressed within the report. Each section/item is cross-referenced with corresponding sections of the TGM, and the electronic version of the worksheet includes hyperlinks that will take the user directly to the appropriate section of the new online TGM.

While the worksheet is designed to be comprehensive, users should not take the view that every investigation/cleanup report must address every section in the worksheet. Different sections will be appropriate for different sites, investigations, cleanups or reports. The HEER Office expects the consultant or responsible party to determine the parts of the worksheet (and correspondingly, sections of the TGM) that are appropriate to their sites, and to subsequently ensure that the HEER RPM reviewing the report agrees that:

  • The sections/questions identified are appropriate to address the site.
  • The questions are sufficiently answered to indicate fulfill appropriate TGM requirements.

The HEER Office is making this document available to interested parties such as those that prepare reports or request HDOH oversight for their site. It is intended that making the worksheet available will aid in clarifying HEER Office expectations for investigation/cleanup reports. Because the worksheet contains specific references to the TGM, stakeholders and consultants will also be able to use it as an aid in planning their site reports.

The HEER Office is interested in suggestions for making the worksheet more useful and user friendly, as well as soliciting general comments. Questions and comments may be directed to Fenix Grange.

HEER Office Report Review Worksheet