File a Toxic Release Inventory Report

The HEPCRA Toxic Release Inventory Report is only submitted to the HDOH HEER Office if it is the first year of reporting.
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A business must meet ALL three of the following criteria for any particular year to be subject to TRI requirements:

    • The facility is in one of the covered industries:
      • Manufacturing
      • Metal Mining
      • Coal Mining
      • Electric Utilities (that combust coal and/or oil)
      • Commercial Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal
      • Chemical and Allied Products Wholesale
      • Petroleum Bulk Terminals and Plants
      • Solvent Recovery Services; AND
    • The facility has 10 or more full-time employees (or the equivalent of 20,000 hours per year); AND
    • It manufactures, imports, processes, or otherwise uses any of the EPCRA section 313 chemicals in amounts greater than the threshold quantity.


Threshold quantities that trigger reporting requirements are

    • 25,000 pounds manufactured or processed or 10,000 pounds otherwise used, except for some Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic (PBT) Chemicals.
      • See the EPA TRI information on toxic chemicals subject to EPCRA Section 313 reporting requirements.

  • Facilities that meet the reporting requirements submit a reporting form to the EPA and to the HEER Office by July 1 for the preceding calendar year inventory.
  • A TRI reporting form is submitted for each TRI chemical the facility has manufactured, imported, processed, or otherwise used in amounts exceeding the thresholds.
  • The preferred method for reporting TRI forms is via the EPA Central Data Exchange (using the toxic release inventory-made easy tool).
    • For more information on this tool, and the TRI reporting forms (including TRI Form R) visit the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Program available at EPA’s website or contact the HEER Office.


Who must provide information:
Manufacturing facilities in specified SIC Codes, with more than 10 employees that manufacture or process more than 25,000 pounds or otherwise use more than 10,000 pounds of the listed chemicals.

Information to provide:
TRI Form R

To whom information is submitted:
EPA and for the first year of reporting to the HDOH HEER Office

When to submit information:
Due annually by July 1 for preceding calendar year inventory

EPCRA §313, HAR §11-453-31

EPA List of Lists:
Sec. 313