Viral Hepatitis Prevention Program

Hawai‘i is the state with the second highest rate of liver cancer in the United States, and the leading causes are viral hepatitis. Viral hepatitis refers to a collection of very different viruses that can all affect the liver. There are three main hepatitis viruses in Hawaii: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

Given the impact of viral hepatitis on many local communities, HRSB’s Viral Hepatitis Education and Prevention Program closely partners with many community-based agencies and serves as a primary partner in the Hep Free Hawaii (HFH) coalition. Through this collaboration, DOH and HFH are able to increase awareness and enhance access to hepatitis services, including testing, immunizations, care coordination, and treatment. For more information on viral hepatitis services and efforts in Hawai‘i, go to View the joint strategic plan

Viral hepatitis educational materials, presentations and workshops are available for free by request. For more information, email Thaddeus Pham, Viral Hepatitis Prevention Coordinator at [email protected].

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