Data Highlight: Premature Deaths and Hepatitis C in Hawaiʻi

Below are data from Premature Deaths and Disparities Associated with Hepatitis C: The Hawaiʻi Hepatitis C Mortality Report, a forthcoming report from the Hawaiʻi Department of Health. Once completed, it will be shared by the Harm Reduction Services Branch and Hep Free Hawaiʻi.

Hepatitis C infection is associated with premature death in Hawaiʻi. The figure compares death due to all causes (blue bars) versus death associated with hepatitis C infection (orange bars). People in the age group 55-74 years made up less than a third of all causes of death, but they accounted for 81.7% of hepatitis C-associated deaths. In contrast, persons aged 75 years or older accounted for 57.3% of all causes of deaths, but only 12.0% of hepatitis C-associated deaths. In other words, among persons who died of hepatitis C-associated deaths, 88% did not reach age 75, which was lower than the U.S. life expectancy at birth in 2021 of 76.4 years.[1]

[1] “Life Expectancy at Birth by State,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accessed December 8, 2023,