Forms Available on E-Permitting Portal

The Clean Water Branch (CWB) forms listed below are available on the e-Permitting Portal.  When you enter the e-Permitting Portal, please use the “Select Organization …” button to read more information about each of these forms.  Alternatively, you may use the “Application Finder” button to locate the specific form.

       Forms for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program

  • CWB Individual NPDES Form – Application to request individual NPDES permit coverage.
  • CWB NOI Form – Notice of Intent to request coverage under NPDES General Permits in HAR 11-55, Appendices B through I, K, and L.
  • CWB NOI Form M – Notice of Intent to request coverage under the NPDES General Permit in HAR 11-55, Appendix M.
  • CWB “No Exposure” Certification Form – Form to request a Conditional “No Exposure” Exclusion from NPDES storm water associated with industrial activity permitting.

       Forms Used to Report NPDES Individual and General Permit Compliance Data

  • CWB Compliance Submittal Form – Form to submit all NPDES Permit and NGPC compliance information, including Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs).  Please reference your issued NPDES Permit and/or NGPC for your required compliance submittals.  If your NPDES Permit and/or NGPC has water quality sampling requirements, you will be required to complete a Blank DMR and upload it to Section 4.a of the CWB Compliance Submittal Form.  DMR Instructions are available for your reference.

       Forms for Section 401 Water Quality Certification

  • Section 401 Water Quality Certification (WQC)

Form Used to Request Funding

 Request to Access a Government Record Form

Print, complete, and either fax or mail the Request to Access a Government Record form to the Clean Water Branch.  Other related forms include the Notice to Requester form and Acknowledgment to Requester form.
Please obtain the compliance reports from EPA’s Environmental Compliance History Online (ECHO).