Water Quality References

Clean Water Act


Hawaii Sanitary Framework


Waiopili Ditch-Mahaulepu Sanitary Survey

This document contains the findings of comprehensive research on currently available data for the Waiopili Ditch in Mahulepu Watershed, Kauai.


Mahaulepu-Waikomo Watersheds PhyloChip Study

This document is the final report of the Mahaulepu and Waikomo watersheds on Kauai. This study was performed by Dr. Eric Dubinsky and Dr. Gary Andersen of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), using an innovative microbial source-tracking technology called PhyloChip.


Hawaii State Toxics Control Program (STCP)

This document provides guidance for the development of water quality-based toxicity limits in NPDES permits. The purpose of applying toxicity limits to surface water discharges is to prevent direct toxic impacts to human and aquatic life, and the bioaccumulation of toxic pollutants in aquatic organisms in concentrations which could impact human health.