Dental Amalgam Rules

Pursuant to Code of Federal Regulations Title 40 Part 441 (40 CFR Part 441), dental offices that discharge to a publicly owned treatment works (POTW; such dental offices are dental dischargers) are required to use Amalgam Separators and to implement Best Management Practices as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). Effective July 14, 2017, all NEW SOURCES subject to the rule must comply immediately, and all EXISTING SOURCES subject to the rule must comply with the standards by July 14, 2020. More information on the Dental Amalgam Rules is available at:

Please note that the rule does not apply to the following dischargers (from 40 CFR 441.10):

  • Dental dischargers that exclusively practice one or more of the following dental specialties: oral pathology, oral and maxillofacial radiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, or prosthodontics.
  • Discharges from mobile units operated by dental dischargers.
  • Dental dischargers that do not discharge any amalgam process wastewater to a POTW, such as dental dischargers that collect all dental amalgam process wastewater for transfer to a Centralized Waste Treatment facility as defined in 40 CFR Part 437.

Note: Dental dischargers that do not place dental amalgam, and do not remove amalgam except in limited emergency or unplanned, unanticipated circumstances are required to submit a one-time compliance form but are otherwise exempt from any further requirements of the rule.

A One-Time Compliance Report is required for dental dischargers on the islands of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Lanai, and Molokai. For existing sources (first discharge to a POTW was on or before July 14, 2017), this One-Time Compliance Report must be submitted to the Department of Health, Clean Water Branch (CWB) no later than October 12, 2020, or within 90 days after a transfer of ownership. For new sources (first discharge to a POTW occurred after July 14, 2017), this One-Time Compliance Report must be submitted to the CWB no later than 90 days following the introduction of wastewater into a POTW facility. The One-Time Compliance Report form can be downloaded from: One-Time Compliance Form.

The report must be mailed to the following address:

State of Hawaii, Clean Water Branch
2827 Waimano Home Road #225
Pearl City, Hawaii 96782

If you are subject to this rule and discharge to any of these POTWs, you are required to comply with this rule which includes submission of a one-time compliance form to the Clean Water Branch:

Island of Hawaii: Hilo Wastewater Treatment Plant, Papaikou Wastewater Treatment Plant, Kulaimano Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Kealakehe Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Island of Maui: Lahaina Wastewater Reclamation Facility, Kihei Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Wailuku-Kahului Wastewater Reclamation Facility.

Island of Kauai: Wailua Wastewater Treatment Plant, Lihue Wastewater Treatment Plant, Eleele Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Waimea Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Island of Lanai: Lanai Wastewater Treatment Plant

Island of Molokai: Kaunakakai Wastewater Treatment Plant

For dental dischargers subject to this rule on the island of Oahu – You do not submit your one-time compliance form to the Clean Water Branch. Instead, please see the City and County of Honolulu website at:

A list of dental dischargers who have submitted their one-time compliance form can be found at: List of Dental Dischargers.