Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles

The Adult Mental Health Division provides integrated mental health services for consumers with serious mental illness who are uninsured or underinsured, those who are court ordered for evaluation, care and custody to the Department of Health and individuals in crisis.

The Adult Mental Health Division strives to be a national leader in providing an accessible, culturally responsive, integrated, and best practice based system of mental health services to support consumers in their recovery.

Guiding Principles

In order to implement our vision, AMHD uses the following principles to guide our work:

•  Mental health treatment works.
•  People recover every day in Hawaii
•  AMHD supports recovery in all aspects of our work.
•  Appropriate housing and employment are keys to recovery.
•  We strive to treat our consumers in independent living settings.
•  Behavioral Health is essential to health; we partner with other health care professionals to provide
integrated treatments.
•  We strive to use technology to work smarter.
•  We strive to educate ourselves and provide training to others.
•  AMHD supports the use of innovative strategies to reduce involvement of individuals with mental illness
in the criminal justice system.
•  We strive to identify and provide best practice mental health care to our consumers.
•  We strive to develop and provide best practice forensic services to integrate with and collaborate with
the courts, corrections system, and law enforcement agencies to reduce consumer’s justice involvement.