Hawai’i Certified Peer Specialist (HCPS)

HCPS are persons in recovery from a mental illness who have received certification by the Hawaii State Department of Health Adult Mental Heath Division (AMHD).

HCPS promote self-determination, personal responsibility, and community integration for consumers of the AMHD.

HCPS instill hope in others by serving as role models and champions of recovery.

The HCPS program was modeled after Georgia’s Certified Peer Specialist Project. Individuals are awarded certification only after attending the HCPS Training, and successfully passing both oral and written examinations. 

For more information, please contact the AMHD Office of Consumer Affairs at 586-4688.

HCPS Handbook

Downloadable application for next HCPS Training

The Register of HCPS provides a listing of HCPS that have met certification standards established by the AMHD. HCPS listed in the register have given permission to have their names published. HCPS Register

No postings at this time.

To post job vacancies, or announce other employment opportunities for HCPS, please forward the following information to [email protected]:

– Location (City, Island)

– Job Title

– Name of Company

– Status (Part-Time/Full Time)

– Position Description

– Minimum Requirements

– Instructions for Applying

– Closing Date (if no date is chosen, the job posting will be removed three months following the date the position was posted)