Welcome to the Adult Mental Health Division

Aloha, and e komo mai (welcome) to the Adult Mental Health Division.

We provide a comprehensive, integrated mental health system supporting the recovery of adults with severe mental illness.

Everyone has access to effective treatment and supports essential for living, working, learning and participating fully in the community.

Core Values

We value and are dedicated to providing the public’s mental health services.
We expect honesty, professionalism, and ethics in our work environment.
We value teamwork and endeavor to build partnerships, consumer and community participation to attain our goals.
We celebrate diversity and treat all people with fairness, respect, and compassion.
We strive to ensure high quality and effective use of our resources.
We learn from each other and acknowledge that there are many ways of knowing.
We seek to explore new and creative ideas.
We are committed to personal responsibility for our actions and for achieving our planned outcomes.

Guiding Principles

1. The following guiding principles apply to persons with SPMI who also have:Co-occurring medical conditions

Substance use disorders


Mental retardation

Involuntary civil or penal commitment status.

2. Informed Self Directed Recovery is the foundation on which all mental health services are provided.
3. All mental health services are based on the individual’s needs, strengths and desires.
4. Empathic and hope instilling relationships are an essential component of all services.
5. The major goal of services is a safe and decent place to live, meaningful relationships and activities.
6. Consumers are an integral component of the service system design throughout AMHD.
7. Everyone is mindful, respectfully inquires, and makes adjustments to behave in a culturally informed, sensitive and responsive manner.
8. Services are provided that is in the least restrictive, most integrated community settings, which are warm, welcoming, and respectful of consumers.
9. Service standards are based on professional, national standards and Evidence Based Practices.
10. Significant others are involved and supported to maintain relationships that are critical for healthy community living.