Construction EHMP Update

Posted on Sep 8, 2020 in All, EHMP

To assist with the development of appropriate Construction EHMPs (C-EHMPs), HEER has released a C-EHMP Template and a C-EHMP Fact Sheet. HEER recommends that project-specific C-EHMPs be developed using the C-EHMP Template tool in order to expedite review and approval; however, it should be noted that this is not a guidance document and the template should be revised based on site and project specific information. In addition, this template is not all encompassing, and HDOH may require additional information or different actions that are site-specific. It is still the responsibility of the preparer to ensure that the C-EHMP adheres to HEER guidance documents, applicable regulations, and previously selected removal/remedial alternatives. Version 4 of the C-EHMP Template, dated Sept 8, 2020, supersedes Version 3 of the C-EHMP Template. For more information and explanation on C-EHMPs, see the Final C-EHMP Fact Sheet, dated February 2020. Please submit any questions or comments regarding the C-EHMP Template to Fenix Grange at [email protected].

Fact Sheet


C-EHMP Addendum

The C-EHMP Addendum is for potential use for construction projects in lieu of completion of a full C-EHMP for sites that already have a thorough existing HDOH-approved site-specific or programmatic/area-wide EHMP.

Visit the Construction Section of the HEER EHMP page.