Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

The State of Hawaii, Drinking Water State Revolving Fund program was established by the 1997 State Legislature as the result of the 1996 Federal amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act. This program currently provides low interest loans to Hawaii’s regulated water systems for the construction of drinking water infrastructure projects. These projects help achieve or maintain compliance with drinking water standards, protect public health and the environment.

DWSRF Updates

The DWSRF now accepts applications from regulated Privately-Owned Water Systems!  If this applies to you and you are interested in receiving a DWSRF loan, please contact us!

The February 14, 2017 Private Drinking Water Systems: Funding Infrastructure Improvements Using the Hawaii State Drinking Water SRF Program workshop handout is available online. |.pdf|. Please contact us at (808) 586-4258 for more information.

Drinking Water SRF Information

  • Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11 Chapter 65 Environmental States Revolving Funds |.pdf|
  • SRF Applicant Manual |.pdf| (currently under revision)
  • DWSRF Eligibility Handbook (June 2017) |.pdf|

Intended Use Plan

  • SFY 2020 Intended Use Plan |.pdf| (FINAL)
  • SFY 2019 Intented Use Plan – Amendment 1 |.pdf| (latest changes have been highlighted)
  • SFY 2019 Intended Use Plan|.pdf|
  • SFY 2018 Intended Use Plan – Amendment 1 |.pdf|
  • SFY 2018 Intended Use Plan |.pdf|

Priority List

  • Updated 5-28-2019 DWSRF Priority List of Projects for SFY 2020 |.pdf|
  • Updated 3-15-2019 DWSRF Priority List of Projects for SFY 2019 |.pdf| (latest changes have been highlighted)
  • Updated 6-30-2017 DWSRF Priority List of Projects for SFY 2018|.pdf|

Annual Summary

  • DWSRF Active Projects in SFY 2018 |.pdf|

Public Notice: DWSRF State Environmental Review Process Concurrences

  • SERP Public Notices SFY 2019 |.pdf|
  • SERP Public Notices SFY 2017-2018  |.pdf|

Pre-Application Requirements

  • Proposed Project for SRF Funding Form |.xls| (Last Revised: 9/21/2018)
  • Capacity Evaluation Checklist |.docx| (for new applicants or borrowers that have not received an SRF loan in the last 5 years)

Loan Requirements

  • Loan Application |.pdf|
  • Resolution, Ordinance, or other Debt Authorization – a written approval which authorizes the DWSRF loan application
  • Environmental Documents (Note!  For 2018 on, the Environmental Review Checklist has replaced the old EA Checklist form.  Borrowers will need to submit the new checklist to DOH as part of the loan requirements.)
    • Environmental Review Checklist
      • Exemption Declaration and Environmental Assessment (EA) Review Checklist |.pdf|
      • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Review Checklist |.pdf|
    • DWSRF Environmental Crosscutter Consultation Requirements |.pdf|
    • Exempt Project Certification * |.doc| |.pdf|
  • Plans and Specifications
  • Bonded contract(s) which must include:
    • Selected Itemized Bid Tabulations
    • Boilerplates for contracts (Updated June 2018) |.docx| |.pdf|
    • American Iron and Steel (AIS) required language for construction contracts |.docx|
      • Simplified Guidance |.pdf|
      • AIS information, including waivers can be accessed here.
  • Notice to Proceed Letter
  • EPA Forms and Other Federal Documents
    • 5700-52a MBE/WBE Utilization Under Federal Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Interagency Agreements |.pdf|
    • 6100-3 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program – DBE Subcontractor Performance Form |.pdf|
    • 6100-4 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program – DBE Subcontractor Utilization Form |.pdf|
    • SF 1445 Labor Standards Interview form|.pdf|
    • Employee Rights Under the Davis-Bacon Act (Davis-Bacon Poster)|.pdf|
  • Additional requirements *
    • National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) Section 106 Review |.pdf|
    • Signage |.pdf|

Requirements during construction

  • Payment Request Forms |.xlsx|
  • AIS Certification Letters |.pdf|
  • Signage * |.pdf|
  • Letter of Substantial Completion, or similar (once available)

* not applicable to all loans, check with your DWSRF project manager to find out if this applies to you

Contact Us

Phone: (808) 586-4258
Fax: (808) 586-4351
E-Mail: sdwb@doh.hawaii.gov

  • Oahu
    Safe Drinking Water Branch
    Environmental Management Division
    Hawaii State Department of Health
    2385 Waimano Home Road Suite 110
    Pearl City, Hawaii 96782-1400
  • East Hawaii
    Safe Drinking Water Branch – Hilo
    Hawaii District Health Office – Hilo
    1582 Kamehameha Avenue
    Hilo, Hawaii 96720
    Phone: (808) 933-0401
    Fax: (808) 933-0400

Last Update: 28 June 2019