Compliance Section

Compliance and Enforcement Section


  • To review public water system performance and to achieve compliance by those systems through technical assistance, formal enforcement, or other means.
  • Assure that all public water systems are in compliance with all state and federal rules, regulations and requirements.
  • Identify non-compliant public water systems and to assure required violation response measures are taken.
  • Issue public notice of all new contaminants in a public water system as required under Chapter 340E, Section 340E-24, within 14 days of determination that the results are reliable, or take appropriate actin to establish reliable data.
  • Revise and update state regulations to be in compliance with Federal Drinking Water Requirements.
  • Identify system problems through sanitary survey, monitoring results or other means and work with systems to address these problems.
  • Issue enforcement actions as necessary.
  • Evaluate engineering compliance proposals, track progress of compliance projects, cite violations of compliance schedules or provide extensions where appropriate.