• To monitor the State’s public water systems and groundwater for contaminants.
  • Rule, Surface Water Treatment Rule, Phase I Volatile Organic Chemical Rule, Phase II Synthetic Organic/Inorganic Chemical Rule, Lead and Copper Rule, Phase V Synthetic Organic/Inorganic Chemical Rule, and future rules, changes and additions as they occur.
  • Coordinate statewide sampling between water systems, drinking water neighbor island and Oahu staff, and State Laboratories Division to assure samples meet prescribed holding times, and analyses can be conducted in an efficient manner.
  • Receive, evaluate, record, store and transmit data for all analyses to assure proper Branch response to all analytical results.
  • Monitor and sample drinking water of water purveyors who are on compliance schedules.
  • Maintain equipment in operating condition.
  • Monitor groundwater sources to determine status of statewide groundwater contamination.

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Daniel Chang Section Supervisor
Melvin Tokuda Environmental Health Specialist, oversees Lanai, Molokai site monitoring
David Kawahara Environmental Health Specialist, oversees Kauai, Big Island site monitoring
Vacant Environmental Health Specialist, oversees Oahu, Maui site monitoring
Theresa McGeehan-Takiue Environmental Health Specialist, oversees Big Island site monitoring
Jammie Aroni Environmental Health Specialist, Groundwater Protection