Groundwater Protection Program

Hawaii’s Groundwater Protection Program (GWPP) is a non-regulatory program whose goal is to protect human health and sensitive ecosystems by protecting groundwater resources. It’s focus is on water quality assessment, and on developing pollution prevention and protection measures.

Hawai`i’s Groundwater Poster(3.7 MB pdf)

Potential Groundwater Contamination Sources Poster(3.8 MB pdf)

National Ground Water Awareness Week

For more information on groundwater and what you can do to protect Hawaii’s most important source of drinking water, click on EPA’s Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water website

Groundwater Contamination Maps
The Groundwater Contamination Viewer uses monitoring data for public drinking water wells, select non-potable wells, fresh water springs, and other testing data available to the DOH. The system identifies organic and other chemical contaminants that have been detected and confirmed in drinking water wells, select non-potable wells, and fresh water springs throughout Hawaii.

Groundwater Status Report
The 2018 Groundwater Status Report provides a historical review of groundwater monitoring activities conducted by the Hawaii Department of Health. The status reports includes a historical review of groundwater monitoring in the late 1970’s when contamination was first detected, as well as more recent groundwater monitoring projects that have been conducted to determine the interaction of groundwater and surface water, impact of on-site waste disposal system (cesspools/septic systems), and looking for possible contamination trends of historically detected groundwater contamination. The report also looks at potential future contaminants of concern based on potential contaminant sources and water uses. Click here to view or download the report.


Jammie Aroni Environmental Health Specialist, Groundwater Protection

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