Groundwater Pollution Control


  • To protect the quality of Hawaii’s underground sources of drinking water from chemical, physical, radioactive, and biological contamination that could originate from injection well activity.
  • Process permits and project reviews for new and renewal permits, modifications, and abandonment of injection wells.
  • Evaluate geologic logs of soil and rock, injectivity tests, geologic maps, and groundwater quality profiles to determine the viability of subsurface injection.
  • Maintain inventory and database of all injection well files.
  • Organize and conduct site inspections to verify the location and performance of injection wells and to verify compliance with all testing or well closure plans.
  • Conduct site investigations to identify problems such as unpermitted facilities and correction of deficiencies.
  • Enforce Underground Injection Control rules and permit conditions.
  • Serve the public by providing information and technical assistance.

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Safe Drinking Water Branch
Environmental Management Division
Hawaii State Department of Health
2385 Waimano Home Road, Uluakupu
Pearl City, Hawaii 96782-1900

Iris van der Zander Section Supervisor
Anay Shende UIC Geologist
Mark Frazier: UIC Geologist