How To Report A Release / Spill

STEP 1 – DUE IMMEDIATELY STEP 2 – Due As Soon As Possible Within 30 Days
Verbal Notification
Written Follow-up Notification
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Reportable Quantities

The owner or operator of a facility or vessel must immediately notify the Hawaiʻi State Emergency Response Commission (HSERC) (through the HEER Office) and the appropriate Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) if there is a release into the environment of a hazardous substance that is equal to or exceeds the minimum reportable quantity in any 24-hour period as set forth in the regulations.

Covered Types of Chemicals and Quantities
    • Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) are those substances and quantities listed at 40 CFR part 355, Appendices A and B
    • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) hazardous substances contained in 40 CFR part 302, Table 302.4
      • Facilities must also report a release of a CERCLA hazardous substance to the National Response Center (NRC) at 1 (800) 424 8802
    • Trichloropropane (TCP)
      • Reportable quantity is 10 pounds as per HAR 11-451-6(b)
    • Oil [under the following circumstances]:
      • Any amount of oil which when released into the environment causes a sheen to appear on surface water, or any navigable water of the state;
      • Any free product that appears on ground water;
      • Any amount of oil released to the environment greater than 25 gallons;
      • Any amount of oil released to the environment which is less than 25 gallons, but which is not contained and remediated within 72 hours.
    • An unlisted substance designated under section Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules (HAR) section 11-451-5(c), in quantities equal to or exceeding the reportable quantity criteria in section 11-451-6(c)
    • Reportable Quantities List
    • For releases of unknown quantities, report if lab results exceed the most restrictive Environmental Action Levels (EALs) for residential use.

Step 1: Verbal notification via telephone / in person

Immediately after a reportable release, the owner or operator of a facility or vessel must notify the HEER Office (for the HSERC), the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) of the appropriate jurisdiction, and the National Response Center (NRC).


    • NOTE: Please call 9-1-1 if there is an immediate threat to human welfare or fatalities.
    • HEER Office as the administrative contact for the HSERC (808) 586-4249 (7:45am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday) or (808) 236-8200 (after hours which includes weekends, holidays and after 4:30 weekdays)
    • the LEPC for your jurisdiction according to the list below
    • the National Response Center (NRC) at (800) 424-8802
Hazardous Substance Release Notification Contacts List
County LEPC Fire Department HSERC
Hawaiʻi Gerald Kosaki
Hawaiʻi County LEPC
277 Kapualani Street
Hilo, Hawaiʻi 96720
Gerald Kosaki, LEPC Chair
Cell: 808 936-8181
[email protected]
Darren Rosario, Fire Chief
Hawaiʻi County Fire Department
25 Aupuni Street, Suite 2501
Hilo, Hawaiʻi 96720
Phone: 808 932-2903
Fax: 808 932-2928
State of Hawaiʻi
Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response Office
2385 Waimano Home Rd #100
Pearl City, Hawaiʻi 96782
Attn: EPCRA Data Manager
Phone: 808 586-4249
Fax 808 586-7537
After Hours (808) 236-8200
City and County of Honolulu Robert Harter
Honolulu LEPC
Department of Emergency Management
650 South King Street
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96813
Phone: 808 723-8960
Fax: 808 768-1492
Manuel Neves, Fire Chief
Honolulu Fire Department
636 South Street
Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 96813-5007
Phone: 808 723-7101
Fax: 808 723-7111
See above
Kauaʻi Albert Kaui
Kauaʻi Emergency Management Agency
3990 Kaʻana Street #100
Līhuʻe, Hawaiʻi 96766
Phone: 808 241-1800
Kauaʻi County Fire Department
4444 Rice Street, Suite 315
Līhuʻe, Hawaiʻi 96766
Phone: 808 241-4975
Fax: 808 241-6508
See above
Maui Jeffrey M. Kihune, Sr.
Maui County LEPC
200 Dairy Road
Kahului, Hawaiʻi 96732
Phone: 808 870-7404
[email protected]
David Thyne, Chief
Maui County Fire Department
200 Dairy Road
Kahului, Hawaiʻi 96732
Phone: 808 270-7561
Fax: 808 270-7919
See above

You may also download ATTACH 3-C Submitting TIER II to LEPC Dec 2019 which includes the list of contacts.



Specific information is required when reporting the release of a hazardous substance. To the best of your ability, be ready with the following information:

    • Your name and telephone number
    • Name of the hazardous substance spilled
    • Approximate quantity spilled
    • Location of the spill
    • Date and time of the spill
    • Description of how it happened
    • Immediate danger or threat posed by the release
    • Contact information for the responsible party
    • Measures taken or proposed to be taken to cleanup the spill
    • Any known injuries resulting from exposure
    • Other county, state or federal officials that were also notified

You may download the Hazardous Substance Emergency Release Notification and Inventory Guideline 2020 for a hazardous substance release to learn more about the required information.


Step 2: Submit a written follow-up notice no later than 30 days after initial discovery of the release.

A Hawaii Hazardous Substance Written Follow-Up Notification Form regarding the release is also required to be sent to the HSERC/HEER and LEPC contacts noted above, postmarked no later than 30 days after initial discovery of the release.



The State of Hawaiʻi Oil and Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Plan is a supplement to the State of Hawaiʻi Plan for Emergency Preparedness, Volume III, Disaster Response Assistance. This plan also serves as Annex 1530-1 to the Hawaii Area Contingency Plan.



EPA List of Lists:
EHS RQ, CERCLA RQ, 10 pound RQ for TCP, and Oil under the listed circumstances



Owners or operators of facilities or vessels that release a hazardous substance or toxic chemical into the environment above the reportable quantity are subject to state notification requirements under the HEER Office’s legal authorities including:

  • Hawaiʻi Environmental Response Law (HRS 128D) and Hawaiʻi State Contingency Plan (HAR 11-451)
  • Hawaiʻi Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (HEPCRA) (HRS 128E and HAR 11-453)
  • CERCLA §103