Navy Water System Petroleum Contamination

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A chemical release of petroleum, which is a hazardous substance, entered the Joint Base Pearl Harbor‐Hickam (JBPHH) drinking water distribution system and the Red Hill Shaft.

This release triggered an emergency response and DOH issuance of an Advisory on November 29, 2021 for the entire JBPHH Public Water System No. 360. State and Federal Drinking Water (DW) Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCLs) under the Safe Drinking Water Act do not adequately address petroleum contamination of drinking water. DOH has established Environmental Action Levels (EALs) and Incident Specific Parameters (ISPs) to more comprehensively monitor and respond to petroleum contaminated drinking water. Any contaminants that exceed the State and Federal DW MCLs, EALs, or ISPs require additional action prior to amending the Advisory. Satisfaction of the lines of evidence will be achieved by evaluating the data generated during the investigation conducted by the Interagency Drinking Water System Team (IDWST). The data will be assessed for each Zone of the Drinking Water Distribution System Recovery Plan. All lines of evidence will require documentation.
Public Health
DOH’s priority is to protect the public health of the people of Hawaii. DOH will evaluate the “lines of evidence” that must be met before amending the health advisory and issuing notices that the water can be used for all purposes including drinking. The Navy must also commit to following the long‐term monitoring (LTM) of system water quality for this incident under the IDWST Drinking Water Sampling Plan, as amended.
DOH Project Screening Levels
State and Federal Drinking Water MCLs, specified State Environmental Action Levels, and ISPs are considered in development of Project Screening Levels.

As noted in the Star-Advertiser 03/03/2022 and 3/4/2022 Notice of Proposed Removal Action, oral and written comments on the Removal Action will be accepted through March 30, 2022. Comments may be sent to the State of Hawaii Hazard Evaluation and Emergency Response Office.
Removal Action Reports for Review:
Zone A1 Removal Action Report
Zone A2 Removal Action Report
Zone A3 Removal Action Report
Zone B1 Removal Action Report
Zone C1 Removal Action Report
Zone C2 Removal Action Report
Zone C3 Removal Action Report
Zone D1 Removal Action Report
Zone D2 Removal Action Report
Zone D3 Removal Action Report
Zone D4 Removal Action Report
Zone E1 Removal Action Report
Zone F1 Removal Action Report
Zone F2 Removal Action Report
Zone G1 Removal Action Report
Zone H1 Removal Action Report
Zone H2 Removal Action Report
Zone H3 Removal Action Report
Zone I1 Removal Action Report
DOH Checklist to Amend the Public Health Advisory for Manana Marine Corps Housing

Copies of the Removal Action Reports may also be found in the Pearl City Library.

Letter to JBPHH Water Distribution System Users

Fact Sheet

Please note that the IDWST link in the notice on 3/3/2022 is incorrect, see below for the correct link. The HEER Office FAX number is incorrect in the Notice, the correct FAX number is (808) 586-7537.

Go to the DOH INVESTIGATION INTO NAVY WATER SYSTEM page for information regarding the Hawaii Department of Health response and investigation.

Visit the Interagency Drinking Water System Team (IDWST) Flushing and Sampling Data Page for additional information.

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