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Move Your Mission with a Story

Perhaps you have a personal or professional mission aimed at supporting injury prevention or promoting safe living in Hawaii. Using one of the below stories  can inspire and increase the likelihood people are willing to engage in cooperative efforts.  These stories carry critical insights and lessons, can create profound connection, cultivate alignment across parties, and guide audiences to action they had never considered. When it comes to elevating injury prevention and safe living awareness, sharing the stories list in this database is a way to inspire your audiences, have impact, and show a pathway into the vision of the future.

Ways to Support Your Mission

How to Move Your Mission Forward?

Data can undoubtedly change the way injury prevention and safe living outcomes works. Fortunately data isn’t alone; stories can help increase awareness and be forces that may change beliefs and action that allow for increased planning, decision-making, and spending. While we cant draw a straight line between injury prevention stories and a change in health outcomes, educating through your story is an important component of your tool chest of strategies. In order for your story to achieve your desired outcomes, you need to have a clear way for your target audience to experience it. Let’s briefly explore a few ways your story can help more your mission forward.

Use Media Channels 

  • Short quotes can appear on the front page of a website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Link the quotes back to the original story listed on the “Voices of Injury Prevention” website.
  • Email newsletters with far-reaching audiences and target subscribers can increase the depth of your distribution. Make a request or call to action!
  • Online webinars and meetings can help your awareness campaign succeed. Become a speaker!
  • Tell your story or others in your op-eds, or letters to an editor.
  • Publicly support the framing of an article or news special with your injury story listed on this story bank.

Talk with Policy Makers

  • Use these stories to tailor your letters to your local unique political leaders.
  • Establish an in-person meeting with your elected official.

Integrate stories into Events

  • Consider hosting a discussion, panel, forum, round-table in honor of public health related event.
  • Help refocus the direction of a discussion with a story, as it may better resonate most with your stakeholders.

Step 1) Choose a Story for Sharing

What Story Will You Use?

Story IdentificationStorytellerStory TopicStory Links
1Chad Taniguchi Storytelling: A Journey in Injury PreventionTraffic Safety/ Bike Safety Written Story Recorded Story
2Kurt Lager Storytelling: A Journey in Injury Prevention Ocean Safety/ Drowning Prevention Written Story Recorded Story
3Lia Jamerson Storytelling: A Journey in Injury Prevention Occupant Protection Written Story Recorded Story
4Melanie Gibson Storytelling: A Journey in Injury PreventionSuicide Prevention Written Story Recorded Story
5Mike Dowell Storytelling: A Journey in Injury PreventionFalls Prevention Written Story Recorded Story

Step 2) How will you use the Story?

Your Feedback


Nicholas Lee Hines, MPH
Core VIPP Grant Coordinator