WIIN – Lead Testing Results


WIIN Project Testing for Lead in Drinking Water at Schools and Child Care Facilities

Results represent testing done by the Hawaii Departments of Health, Education and Human Services through the Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act (WIIN) Grant Project. All facilities have been provided these results and encouraged to share them with their school or child care facility communities. Recommendations for remediation (if applicable) have also been shared. Results are updated as they become available from the laboratory.


Please choose your facility type (school or child care facility) and county from the list below. Schools were tested in 2 stages. Stage 1 schools were sampled in 2021.  Stage 2 schools were sampled in 2022. If you are not sure which Stage your school was in, please click here for a list. You can then search by school or child care facility name or Facility ID number.  Please note that child care facility names are based on their license and may be the name of the operator.



Hawaii County – Stage 1 (2021)

Hawaii County – Stage 2 (2022)

Hawaii County

Honolulu County -Stage 1 (2021)

Honolulu County -Stage 2 (2022)

Honolulu County

Kauai County – Stage 1 (2021)

Kauai County – Stage 2 (2022)

Kauai County

Maui County – Stage 1 (2021)

Maui County – Stage 2 (2022)

Maui County

Children can be exposed to lead from many sources in their homes and communities.

  • If you are concerned about your child’s potential lead exposure please contact your child’s doctor to discuss blood lead testing.
  • If you have general questions about childhood lead exposure please visit lead.hawaii.gov
  • If you have questions about this project or the results, please contact the Hawaii Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (HI-CLPPP) at (808) 586-4345 or visit the project webpage at health.hawaii.gov/WIIN.