Lithium-Ion Battery Training and Tabletop

Posted on May 11, 2023 in All, Exercises, Training

Lithium-Ion Battery Emergency Preparedness and Response
Training and Tabletop Exercises
Kauai (June 13); Oahu (June 15); Maui (June 19); HI (Kona) June 21; HI Hilo (June 22)
0800 – 1600

Audience: Public safety and industry first responders, facility leaders and owners, Local Emergency Response Committee members and other interested parties.

Go to the Chemical safety Days webpage for more information on the objective of the training.

Registration Links – Click on the date to reserve a spot:

Kauai: June 13 Oahu: June 15 Maui: June 19 Kona: June 21 Hilo: June 22

Questions? Contact Bill Jones, [email protected], 619-806-6737