TGM Update, Section 19.6: Environmental Hazard Management Plans

Posted on Jan 29, 2021 in All, EHMP, Latest Technical Guidance

The HEER Office has updated TGM Section 19.6: Environmental Hazard Management Plans, regarding the preparation and implementation of Environmental Hazard Management Plans (EHMPs) for on-site management of contaminated soil and groundwater.  Three types of EHMPs are discussed: 1) Site-Specific EHMPs (individual parcels), 2) Programmatic EHMPs (contamination across multiple parcels or for specific types of activities), and 3) Construction EHMPs (management of contamination during construction projects). Details as well as the recommended use and content for each document type are provided. Comments and suggestions for future updates are welcome and should be submitted to Roger Brewer ([email protected]) with the HEER Office.

HEER Office Technical Guidance Manual