TGM Update, Section 21: Environmental Risk Assessment Guidance for Marine Coastal Environments

Posted on Nov 1, 2018 in All, Latest Technical Guidance

The HEER Office has been developing new technical guidance for the evaluation of chemical exposure hazards to coastal marine wildlife over the last several years and has now posted initial guidance on this topic in the on-line HEER Office Technical Guidance Manual (TGM). See Section 21 in the link to the HEER TGM below. The new guidance provides information on conducting an initial Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment (SLERA) to determine if significant chemical exposure hazards may exist to coastal marine wildlife, and if so, provides further guidance on conducting a Baseline Ecological Risk Assessment to fully evaluate these risks. In the near future the HEER Office also has plans to post a new Ecological Risk Assessment webpage on the main HEER Office website to provide additional information and resources to complement this new TGM guidance.

HEER Office Technical Guidance Manual