Proposed Areawide EHMP: Kahului Harbor Industrial District

Posted on Oct 1, 2018 in All, EHMP, Managing Areawide Hazards

An Areawide EHE/EHMP for the Kahului Harbor Industrial District (Interim Final, dated June 2018, Version 1) is linked below for review and comment. Comments are requested by November 30, 2018 and should be sent to Iris van der Zander via e-mail at [email protected]. Comments received will be considered for revisions or improvements to Version 1 of the document. This Areawide EHE/EHMP provides guidance for handling potential soil or groundwater contaminants during surface and subsurface excavation work on utility construction or repair projects in areas such as roadways, rights-of-way, or other areas in the Kahului Harbor Industrial District that do not have site-specific EHE/EHMPs.