Final Cleanup Decision: Old Hilo Canec Plant, 3/23/2018

Posted on Mar 24, 2018 in All, Cleanup Highlights

The HEER Office has approved a final cleanup action plan for a portion of the Old Hilo Canec Plant site near Waiākea Pond in Hilo, Hawaiʻi, TMK 3-2-2-030-017. The soils in parts of this site are known to be contaminated with arsenic that was used at the former canec plant to treat the canec panels against termite damage. A copy of the Final Removal Action Report describing the site, site contamination, and the final cleanup action plan selected is provided in the link below. Please see Section 7 of the Final Removal Action Report for a description of the public review process utilized for the site, the final clean up action selected, and modifications to the proposed cleanup action required by the HEER Office in response to public comments. Section 7 also includes responses to all individual comments received in the public review process. A pre-construction Environmental Hazard Management Plan (EHMP) will also be required for HEER Office review and approval before this cleanup action is implemented. HEER Office contact for questions. Contact us 808 586-4249