Proposed Cleanup: Waialua Sugar Mill (comments 3/4/2018 – 4/6/2018)

Posted on Mar 1, 2018 in All, Cleanup Highlights

The HEER Office is inviting public review and comment on the proposed draft Response Action Memorandum (Draft RAM) to address soil and groundwater contamination that has been identified on an approximately 25-acre portion of the former Waialua Sugar Mill in Waialua on Oʻahu, TMK 1-6-7-001-062 (portion). The environmental investigation at this site was carried out under the HEER Office Voluntary Response Program. Soils in specific areas of the site are contaminated with pesticides, metals, or petroleum hydrocarbons that were used by the former mill operations. Groundwater in several areas of the site also showed petroleum or related chemical impacts. A Public Notice, a Fact Sheet, and the more detailed Draft Response Action Memorandum are posted below for review. Comments on the Draft Response Action Memorandum will be accepted through April 6, 2018. A public meeting to discuss the proposed response action will also be held at the Waialua Elementary School cafeteria the evening of 3/15/2018 (see details in Public Notice or Fact Sheet links). After the public comment period ends 4/6/2018, the HEER Office will consider all comments received and make a final determination on the response action approved to address soil and groundwater contamination issues identified on this site.