The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
– Behavioral Health Workforce Development

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) is teamed up with other Divisions within the Department of Health to focus on workforce development strategic initiative contained in SAMHSA’s Strategic Plan, Leading Change 2.0: Advancing the Behavioral Health of the Nation 2015-2018. The initiative highlights 4 major goals: increase training and educational tools and core competencies; develop and support the deployment of peer providers; track behavioral health workforce needs; and, influence and support funding for the behavioral health workforce. In addition, ADAD reinforces the Hawaii Department of Health Strategic Plan 2015-2018

In 2015, SAMHSA Regional Administrators (Hawaii Region 9) conducted a call to each state to discuss the behavioral health workforce needs. One of the finding indicated that There is a need to have improved behavioral health workforce data so that states can engage in meaningful planning efforts to develop a workforce that is sufficient for their needs.

There was a consistent theme in states discussing their workforce needs; there aren’t enough providers to meet the needs of the expanded eligible population. This problem was particularly acute in rural or remote areas, and is exacerbated by provider loss to better (higher paying) opportunities, particularly with the Veterans Administration.

Therefore, the Region identified the following areas to consider:
• Thought Leadership
• Administrative Structures
• Education/Training
• Scopes of Practice
• Models of Practice
• Service Models
• Financing Models
• Integration Models
• Policy/Practice Considerations
• Roles of Interest Groups
• Resourcing

On April 5, 2017, The Behavioral Health Workforce meeting (sponsored by the Healthcare Workforce Advisory Board of the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations), met with stakeholders to assess the needs of the workforce. Based on this meeting, ADAD will provide resources for the Behavioral Workforce.

Workforce Development Training Opportunities for BH Professionals

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