About the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division

“Providing the leadership necessary for the development and delivery of quality substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment services for the residents of the State of Hawaii.”

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) is the primary and often sole source of public funds for substance abuse treatment. ADAD’s treatment efforts are designed to promote a statewide culturally appropriate, comprehensive system of services to meet the treatment and recovery needs of individuals and families. Treatment services have, as a requirement, priority admission for pregnant women and injection drug users.

Primary Functions

♦Grants and Contracts  ♦  Management  ♦ Clinical Consultation  ♦ Quality Assurance ♦  Training

♦Accreditation of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs  ♦Certification of Substance Abuse Counselors and Program Administrators

♦ Prevention Activities  ♦ Policy Development ♦ Planning ♦ Coordination  ♦ Information Systems  ♦ Purchase of Services

♦Information System ♦Needs Assessment


THE HAWAII OPIOID INITIATIVE 2.0 – A Statewide Response to Opioid Use and Other Substance Misuse  (PDF)

THE HAWAII OPIOID INITIATIVE 1.0 – A Statewide Response to Opioid Use and Other Substance Misuse (PDF)

Resource link for more information: https://www.hawaiiopioid.org/

Hawaii Medication Drop Box Program

The Strategic Plan for Workforce Development (PDF)

Independent Peer Reviewer Solicitation Letter (PDF)

ADAD HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF)

Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF)

Hawaii Department of Health
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division
601 Kamokila Blvd. Room 360
Kapolei, Hawai’i, 96707
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