Alcohol and Drug Abuse – Treatment

What is Addiction?

What is Substance Abuse Treatment?

Substance Abuse Treatment Works!

ADAD Treatment Policies 

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services Reports:




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Treatment Resources:

WITS Training Meeting Recordings Updated 3/18/2024

Monthly Provider Meeting Recordings Updated 5/3/2024

Notification of Rejection of Services Updated 10/24/2023

ADAD Benefit Exception Request Form Updated 11/4/2021

Staff Certification Exemption Request Form    Updated 1/27/2023

TRB Quarterly Program Report   Updated 10/24/2023

TRB Annual Program Report Updated 12/1/2023

Treatment Provider List   Updated 2/26/2024

Universal Standardized Intake & Screening Form

WITS Key to the Universal Standardized Intake & Screening Form

DRS Providers WITS Updated Intake Field Updated 2/16/2022

Tips for Teens and Parents

WWW Resources and Other Contact Information

Establishing a Drug-Free Workplace


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