WITS Vision, Mission, and Values



Collect, analyze, and report all information from providers of behavioral health services.


To support the public health responsibility of the Hawaii State Department of Health by providing a software infrastructure to assist in the development of behavioral health public policy and plans.


Responsive Customer Service from friendly and knowledgeable staff


One succeed all succeed.

Supportive and Positive Relationships

Nurturing and maintaining positive relationship with the State’s contracted providers and within the Department of Health, Behavioral Health Administration is the foundation on which all of our professional relationships stand.  We treat each interaction as an opportunity to extend respect and care to those with whom we work.  We avoid and discourage negative speech against others.  We remain sensitive and open to the individual differences related to gender, age, culture, education, marital status, religion, and sexual orientation.  We support each other by sharing responsibilities.  We believe that sharing laughter and having fun is an essential part of maintaining a positive relationship.

Excellent Communication

We bring to our communication a sincere desire to understand one another’s point of view and seek harmonious solutions.  We value clear, effective, and efficient communication.  We strive to provide concise and clear expectations when we make requests of others.  When others make requests of us, we are consistent in acknowledging and clarifying what their expectations are.  We send and receive messages fully mindful of the need to remain neutral in our speech and mannerisms in order to avoid misunderstandings, eliminating the possibility of defensive and reactive interactions.


Reliability is the core to WITS success.  Each person is responsible for producing quality work to achieve common goals.  We believe strongly in assuming full accountability for every project that we undertake.  We are also responsible to all our stakeholders, who place a great deal of trust in us.  We are reliable, dependable, and accountable for all our actions.


We produce unbiased work that meets ethical ideals and standards of the State and our disciplines.  We present ourselves, in both conduct and appearance, in a highly professional manner.  We are also organized, efficient, and productive.  We reflect the quality standards that upholds in all of the material we produce and disseminate.  We strive to be resourceful and proactive by acting skillfully and promptly in every new and challenging situation.  We use every resource that is at our disposal, including the strengths of our cohort to produce accurate, relevant, and high-quality products.