Alcohol and Drug Abuse – Accreditation for Treatment Facilities

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) accreditation process requires programs to submit an accreditation application and all pertinent supporting documents related to ADAD’s accreditation standard. Accreditation standards are based on the Hawaii Revised Statues (321-192 and 321-198) and Hawaii Administrative Rules (Title 11 Chapter 98).

For state licensing of Special Treatment Facilities (STF) and Therapeutic Living Programs (TLP) please visit the Office of Health Care Assurance (OCHA) * OCHA manages state licensing for all STF/TLP. 

Hawaii Administrative Rules 11-98-01 establishes minimum requirements for the protection of the health, welfare, and safety of residents, personnel, and the public in special treatment facilities.

In order to be accredited, the administrator or board of directors of a program shall apply to the ADAD upon forms provided by the department, and shall provide any information required by the department to demonstrate that the program has met all the requirements of Chapter 98-03 (c). For accreditation, this requirements refer to completion of the application form.  Accreditation status will be reported to the department or other state agencies in order for the program to receive state funding as a substance abuse treatment program [HRS 321-198] and/or as a co-requisite to licensing as a special treatment facility [Title 11, Chapter 98, Section 3, Sub-section c].  It may also be reported to federal agencies (e.g. the Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service) in order for the program to receive federal funding.

Accreditation Application : QAIO Accreditation-Program Application

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