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State Funded Services

Individuals who are eligible for DDD services, but are not eligible for the Medicaid I/DD Waiver, may be able to access state funded services. These services and supports are identified through a person-centered planning process with case managers.

The programs below are funded directly by the State of Hawaii. Individuals and families should speak with their Case Managers to see if they qualify for these state funded services.

Long-Term Adult Supports & Resources (LASR)

LASR funding is available for individuals 18 years and older, who are not eligible for Medicaid I/DD Waiver services but are eligible for DDD Services.

  • The total amount of LASR funding available varies from year to year.
  • Examples of services include, but are not limited to:
    • Opportunities for discovery and career planning, volunteer work, and competitive employment
    • Activities to increase skills with shopping, banking, using the telephone, paying bills, budgeting, and cooking
    • Developing friendships and relationships with community members
    • Practicing skills in activities of daily living
  • Currently, the DDD contracts with Goodwill Industries of Hawaii to administer LASR services.
  • It is important to remember that if an individual is admitted to the Medicaid I/DD Waiver, LASR services for that individual will end.

Family Services and Supports Program (FSSP)

FSSP funding is available to help families support children and adults in the family home. FSSP funding is considered to be “last dollar”, which means that the services and supports that are identified by the individual are not covered through other funding sources such as the Medicaid I/DD Waiver, the individual’s medical insurance, or any other (government) funding source.

  • FSSP is a reimbursement program, which means when services and supports are approved, the items can be purchased, and the individual is later reimbursed by DDD.
  • Individuals will be expected to pay for a percentage of their purchase, and the FSSP program will pay for the remainder of the cost.
  • Examples of common items include, but are not limited to:
    • Incontinent supplies
    • Nutritional supplements such as Pediasure or Ensure
    • Transportation services such as HandiVan coupons
  • Each request for FSSP is considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • FSSP funding is subject to the availability of funds.