Medicaid I/DD Waiver Providers Archive: Training for Providers

Handouts and other documents are provided in tagged PDF format.

Date Subject Handouts Recording
10/15/2020 Waiver Provider Updates – October 2020 Waiver Provider Presentation View
10/9/2020 Rate Study Update Rate Study Update Presentation View
4/11/2019 Possibilities Now On Course for Achieving a Good Life N/A
10/9/2018 Waiver Standards IDD Waiver Standards Version B-2 Yes
3/13/2017 Waiver Standards Provider Agreement Amendment Form N/A
3/13/2017 Waiver Standards Waiver Standards Manual 2017 – General Overview N/A
3/13/2017 Waiver Standards Waiver Standards Services Standards N/A
6/15/2017 Waiver Updates and New Services Waiver Update N/A
6/26/2017 Billing Procedures and Claims Payment (training conducted by Conduent) DD/ID Waiver Claim Training Download
9/22/2017 Service Utilization and Monitoring DDD Training for I/DD Waiver Providers N/A
3/1/2018 Update to Waiver Standards Update to Waiver Standards – Version A-2 and B-2 N/A
3/1/2018 Adverse Event Reporting Adverse Event Reporting: Introducing New Policies and Procedures on AERs N/A