Facility Access

One of DCAB’s primary services is to review and provide recommendations on all State and County plans and specifications for buildings, facilities, and sites, as required under Hawaii Law HRS §103-50, in order to ensure that they are designed and constructed to be accessible to persons with disabilities.


DCAB Facility Access Plan Submission and Review System
(posted 4/1/2019)

Press Release – DCAB Facility Access Plan Submission and Review System – (posted 4/2/2019)

Facility Access Review Forms

These forms are to be used by state and county agencies and their respective design consultants when submitting plans and specifications to DCAB for review under Hawaii Law HRS §103-50.

DCAB Document Review Fee

State Law and Rules Relating to Facility Access

The DCAB review process is governed by state law and its implementing administrative rules as noted below:

Accessibility Guidelines Adopted and Amended by DCAB

DCAB reviews state and county plans and specifications to the design guidelines of two federal laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Federal Fair Housing Act, as adopted and amended by DCAB. DCAB also has the authority to render an Interpretive Opinion on those design guidelines as applicable to its review process and to approve a Site Specific Alternate Design for a particular project.

Design Fact Sheets

Facility Access Reports and Archive of Past Document Reviews

DCAB Request For Speaking Engagement Form