Interpretive Opinions

An interpretive opinion issued by the DCAB is a clarification of a particular design standard, and only applies to the State and County construction projects subject to HRS 103-50. There are three parts to each interpretive opinion: the first part is the docket number which identifies a specific section from the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) and the question, the next is a summary of the background and research done, and the third contains the ruling and interpretive opinion. If you would like to receive a copy of a complete interpretive opinion, please call the Disability and Communication Access Board at (808) 586-8121 (V) with your name, address, and the docket number of the interpretive opinion requested.

2023 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2023-01 Shower Clearance & Towel Bars

2022 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2022-01 Street Parking at Bike Lanes

2021 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2021-02 Recessed Elements

DCAB 2021-01 Wet Bars

2020 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2020-02 Elevator Location

DCAB 2020-01 Residential Exterior Rooms

2018 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2018-05 Grab Bar Exception 

DCAB 2018-04 Ramp at Cased Openings

DCAB 2018-03 Ramp at Doorways

DCAB 2018-02 Shower Controls 

DCAB 2018-01 HODAAG Section H201

2017 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2017-01 Residential Parking Signage

 2016 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2016-05 Parking Signs & Markings

DCAB 2016-04 Redundant Signs

DCAB 2016-03 Edge Protection At Ramps

DCAB 2016-02 Shut-Off Valves

DCAB 2016-01 Secured Elevator Cab

2015 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2015-04 Door Thresholds

DCAB 2015-03 Pedestrian Access Routes (Public Right of Way)

DCAB 2015-02 Employee Work Areas

DCAB 2015-01 Accessible Toilet Stall Toe Clearance

2014 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2014-05 Definition of ‘Parking Facility’

DCAB 2014-04 Accessible Means of Egress

DCAB 2014-03 Operable Windows – 2

DCAB 2014-02 Size of Intermediate Landing at Ramp Change of Direction

DCAB 2014-01 Handrail Side & Bottom Gripping Surface Defined

2013 Interpretive Opinions

 None this calendar year

2012 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2012-05 Fixed Picnic Tables AMENDED

DCAB 2012-04 Operable Windows

DCAB 2012-03: No Ruling

DCAB 2012-02 Security Barrier

DCAB 2012-01 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station

2011 Interpretive Opinions

DCAB 2011-22 Diagonal Curb Ramps

DCAB 2011-21 ANSI-117.1

DCAB 2011-20 Parking Signs & Markings – Rescinded

DCAB 2011-19 Residential Dwelling Units For Sale to Individual Owners

DCAB 2011-18 Residential Dwelling Units

DCAB 2011-17 Detention & Correctional Facilities

DCAB 2011-16 Housing ata Place of Education

DCAB 2011-15 Transient Lodging Guestrooms

DCAB 2011-14 Medical Care and Long-Term Care for Facilities

DCAB 2011-13 Assembly Areas Dispersion & Wheelchair Space

DCAB 2011-12 Alterations Affecting Primary Function Areas

DCAB 2011-11 Definition Housing

DCAB 2011-10 Definition Existing Facility

DCAB 2011-09 Accessible Routes at Driveways

DCAB 2011-08 Public Right-of-Way – Rescinded

DCAB 2011-07 Curb Ramps AMENDED

DCAB 2011-06 Boat Wash Down Areas

DCAB 2011-05 Boat Trailer Parking

DCAB 2011-04 Door Hardware

DCAB 2011-03 Outdoor Rinsing Showers AMENDED

DCAB 2011-02 Ground & Floor Surfaces

DCAB 2011-01 Street Parking AMENDED