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DCAB Legislative Position Statements 2020 – (posted 2/11/2020)
Assistance Animal Flyer – (posted 12/31/2019)
How to Obtain Communication Access Services or Providers – (updated 11/4/2019)
Service Animal Flyer – (posted 10/18/2019)
Service Animal Card – (posted 10/18/2019)
DCAB Guiding Principles on the Mobility and Safety of Pedestrians with Disabilities – (posted 9/23/2019)
DCAB Guiding Principles on Public Transit Fixed Route Bus and Paratransit Services – (posted 9/23/2019)
HRS 103-50 Report of Activities 2018-2019 – (posted 9/17/19)
DCAB Annual Report FY 2018-2019 – (posted 9/17/19)
Parking Program for Persons With Disabilities Annual Accomplishments 2018-2019 – (posted 9/9/2019)
Parking for Persons with Disabilities Program History (posted 9/9/2019)
DCAB Plan of Action FY 2019-2020 PDFWord Version (posted 8/27/2019)
Aging & Disability Legislative Report 2019 PDFWord Version (posted 8/27/2019)
Movie Captioning in Theaters in Hawaii: Legislative History – (posted 7/8/2019)
DCAB HRS Updates – (posted 7/8/2019)

Proposed Amendment and Compilation of Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11, Chapter 218 “Communication Access Services for Persons Who Are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind” – (posted 7/1/2019)
Summary of Revisions to the Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 11, Chapter 218 – (posted 06/19/2018)

The Communication Access Unit at DCAB now has a Facebook page. Check out their page at:
Press Release-DCAB Facility Access Plan Submission and Review System – (posted 4/2/2019)
DCAB Facility Access Plan Submission and Review System – (posted 4/1/2019)
DCAB Background and Statutory Basis – (posted 4/1/2019)
Policy Guidance on the Provision of Auxiliary Aids/Services or Accommodations due to Disability at Public Meetings or Events – (posted 11/28/2018)
Information for visitors traveling to Hawaii, please visit: Hawaii Tourism Authority website – (posted 11/16/2018)
Communication Access Card Information – (posted 9/10/2018)


David Ige
Governor of Hawaii

Pauline Aughe
Chairperson, DCAB

Kirby Shaw
Executive Director, DCAB