Facility Access Review Forms

If you are a design professional and need to contact the Facility Access Unit for technical assistance, call us at (808) 586-8121. The forms cannot be filled out online. It must be selected, printed out, completed and faxed back to DCAB. Our fax number is (808) 586-8129.

  1. Technical Infeasibility Form (revised 2/20)
    To be used in alteration projects.
  2. Structural Impracticability Form (revised 2/20)
    To be used in new construction projects.
  3. Historic Preservation Form (revised 2/20)
    To be used for alterations to a qualified historic building for facility.
  4. Docket Application Form (revised December 2017)
    To be used when requesting a Site Specific Alternate Design, Interpretive Opinion, or Design Standard (adoption, amendment or repeal).
  5. Request for Technical Assistance Form (revised 3/17)
    To be used for technical questions regarding ADAAG and other accessibility design standards used in State construction.
  6. Site Impracticality Form (revised 2/20)
    To be used in new covered multifamily dwelling projects.
  7. Conditions for Exceptions Form (revised 2/20)