Misuse of Disability Parking Permits


For immediate assistance, please contact your local police department and/or the parking lot manager. Police may cite a vehicle for failure to display a valid parking placard or special license plate, vehicle encroachment into the access aisle, or use of parking placard by someone other than the permittee. The parking lot manager may have the vehicle towed.

If you observe a disability parking permit (placard or special license plate) being improperly used and would like the Disability and Communication Access Board (DCAB) to conduct educational outreach to the permittee, use this page. Please provide as much information as possible.

Please note, DCAB is not an enforcement agency.

If you would like to report accessible parking spaces that do not comply with accessible design requirements and are located at places of public accommodation (private businesses) or at state and local government facilities, please use this webpage: https://health.hawaii.gov/dcab/accessible-parking-space-inquiries/