Site Specific Alternate Designs

A site specific alternate design reviewed and decided upon by DCAB is an alternate design that departs from particular technical and/or scoping requirements of Hawaii Revised Statute §103-50, but provides substantially equivalent or greater access to and usability of the facility for persons with disabilities. A site specific alternate design only applies to a specified State or county construction project subject to Hawaii Revised Statute §103-50. There are three parts to each site specific alternate design description: the first part is the docket number and the question, the next is a summary of the background and research, and the third contains the ruling and site specific alternate design. If you would like a copy of the site specific alternate design, please call the Disability and Communication Access Board at (808) 586-8121 (V/TTY) with your name, address, and the docket number of the site specific alternate design requested.

2015 Site Specific Alternate Design

2015-01 Lyon Arboretum Cottage C (Posted 2/1/16)

2009 Site Specific Alternate Design

2009-01 Manoa Public Library Expansion and Site Improvements Accessible Parking(Posted 2/18/09)
2009-02 Lydgate-Kapa’a Bicycle and Pedestrian Path Kawaihau Connection Running Slope
(Posted 2/18/09)