City and County of Honolulu Disability Parking Permit Information

Due to the seriousness of COVID-19, all in person transactions are done by appointment only in the City and County of Honolulu. Make an appointment at or call 768-3798.

Please read the following options below carefully. Submitting your application to the wrong agency will delay your parking permit request.

Use Form PA1 for the following:

  1. First time application form for a temporary (6 months or less) placard;
  2. First time application form for a long term (6 years) placard;
  3. Replacing a lost, stolen, confiscated, or mutilated placard application form (complete side 1 only); or
  4. Renewing a temporary (red) placard application form

To make an appointment for first time, temporary (red), and replacement placards:

  • Visit
  • Click on “Make an appointment”
  • Click on any of the Satellite City Halls listed in dark or light blue
  • Click on “Motor Vehicle and Other Services” to schedule an appointment

Use Form PA2 for the following:

  1. Renewing an expiring long term (blue) placard application form.

Mail completed form to:

P.O. Box 3377
Honolulu, HI 96801