Small Vessel General Permit (sVGP)

Small Vessel General Permit (sVGP)

EPA intends to finalize the sVGP later this year (2013).  DOH-CWB has issued a Section 401 WQC (File No. WQC0832) for the sVGP.  WQC0832 becomes effective on December 19, 2013.

The e-Permitting Portal Section 401 WQC website contains:

•    A link to the U.S. EPA VGP website.

•    EPA contact information.  Please contact the EPA if you have any questions on the sVGP.

•    WQC0832.  If you have any questions on WQC0832, please read WQC0832 before contacting the DOH-CWB at (808) 586-4309.