Section 401 WQC

Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 401 Water Quality Certification (WQC)

Blanket Section 401 WQC

Vessel General Permit (VGP)

Small Vessel General Permit (sVGP)

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Q:  When Do I Need a Section 401 Water Quality Certification?

A:  A Section 401 WQC is required if your project/activity:

  1. Requires a federal permit, license, certificate, approval, registration, or statutory exemption, and
  2. May result in any discharge of a pollutant into State waters.


Q:  I have received a letter from the Army Corps of Engineers that says no permit is required. Do I need a Section 401 WQC?


A:  Maybe. It depends on the reason the Army Corps of Engineers determined that their permit was not necessary. See the following document to help determine whether you need a WQC.
Army Corps of Engineers No Permit Determinations