Strategic Plan


Strategic Priorities, Goals, and Objectives

DOH-CAMHD’s collaborative service delivery approach is aimed at providing a comprehensive, evidenced-based array of services for the many and varied needs of children and families of Hawaiʻi. This system of care designed to embody the values and guiding principles of the Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP). CAMHD is heavily committed to health equity, evidence and data-based decision making and prevention of mental health disturbances at all levels. The following are CAMHD’s goals and objectives to attain its goals.

Goal 1: Increase and expand accessibility and reduce health disparities for all youth in need of intensive mental health care
  • Objective 1.1: Improve the efficiency of intake (application procedures) and eligibility determination processes.
  • Objective 1.2: Continue to collaborate with the Office of Youth Services to serve clinically eligible youth who are not covered by a funding source
  • Objective 1.3: Continue to collaborate with the DOE around identifying and applying potentially eligible students for CAMHD services.
  • Objective 1.4: Expand the OnTrack (OT) Hawaii program, which treats young people experiencing their first psychotic episode regardless of their insurance or other funding sources.
  • Objective 1.5: Improve outreach to children and adolescents who have utilized crisis mental health services.
  • Objective 1.6: Strengthen relationships and communication with interagency and community partners.
  • Objective 1.7: Develop inclusive practice standards to improve care to youth who belong to marginalized populations.
Goal 2: Enhance our mental health system by using data and research to appropriately meet the needs of youth and their families
  • Objective 2.1: Develop a culture within the CAMHD that values data-informed decision-making.
  • Objective 2.2: Increase the use of research and local evidence to inform decision-makers across individual client-level, administrative-level, and other levels of the system of care.
  • Objective 2.3: Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical and administrative workflows to improve clients’ outcomes.
Goal 3: Actively promote primary, secondary, and tertiary mental health prevention
  • Objective 3.1: Advocate for primary mental health prevention through legislation to increase access to mental health services by promoting mental health acceptance statewide, coordinating community events with FGCs; and providing training and education.
  • Objective 3.2: secondary mental health prevention through continuous collaboration between FGCs & schools on:
    • Early detection and intervention;
    • Engagement of youth and families in need of CAMHD Services pre-referral; and
    • Working with the community for early detection and intervention of mental health disorders.
  • Objective 3.3: Provide services to help promote the patient’s recovery and increase resiliency to prevent further complications by:
    • Clinical oversight of clients’ care

Strategic Plans & Schedule of Public Hearings

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