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Training Opportunities

The CAMHD strongly supports training opportunities for students. We currently have agreements with the following academic institutions. If you attend any of these institutions, please work with your academic supervisor to pursue training opportunities with us.

  • Chaminade University
  • University of Hawaii at Hilo
  • University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (predoctoral and postdoctoral internships in clinical psychology)

If you do not attend one of the institutions mentioned above, please get in touch with the Program Improvement & Communications Office (PICO) with your academic supervisor for more information.

Civil Service

  • ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST III AND IV: OAHU (Recruitment No. 22-0484) – The Administrative Specialist aids in getting things done through knowledge of and skill in dealing with organizations, work flow processes, funding, resources, equipment and the other tools or resources of management. The focus of the work is in the management of financial and human resource; however, a position in this series also performs key work in several other vital functions or services, such as program evaluation and analysis, budgeting, management analysis, procurement, service contract negotiations and administration, reports management, data processing and similar or closely related activities.
    Apply for the Administrative Specialist III and IV position on Oahu >>
  • OFFICE ASSISTANT III: KAUAI (Recruitment No. 22-0316) – Perform journey level clerical work involving a variety of complex clerical assignments, e.g., those that involve a number of steps/processes and/or referral to a number of different sources and require the use of some judgment to determine appropriate disposition; prioritize work and carry out assignments independently, in accordance with general instructions and established policies and procedures; and/or supervise and participate in performing moderately complex clerical work; and perform other related duties as assigned.
    Apply for the Office Assistant III position on Kauai >>
  • SECRETARY II: KAUAI (Recruitment No. 23-0220) – A Secretary speaks and acts for the manager or administrator served in those matters delegated in order to facilitate work flow, coordination and management controls, and relationships with others both within and outside the organization. The Secretary II serves as a secretary to the manager of a program and organization of considerable scope and complexity; may supervise and participate in performing highly complex clerical work; and performs other related duties as assigned.
    Apply for the Secretary II position on Kauai >>
    (Recruitment No. 21-0603)
    MAUI (Recruitment No. 21-0373)
    OAHU (Recruitment No. 22-0367

    Social Workers and Human Services Professionals seek to improve the overall quality of life of people within the context of their environment through the remediation and prevention of their problems, and by improving accessibility, accountability and coordination of service delivery among a variety of professionals and/or agencies tasked with providing appropriate services to clients. These professionals come from a variety of interdisciplinary bases, establish working relationships of mutual respect and trust with the clientele served, and utilize a variety of helping interventions to enable these clients to function as effectively as possible.
    Apply for the Social Worker and HSP IV position on Kauai >>
    Apply for the Social Worker and HSP IV position on Maui >>
    Apply for the Social Worker and HSP IV position on Oahu >>

Non-Civil Service/Exempt

  • OUTPATIENT PSYCHIATRIST (PREA) (Position No. 104215)

    Join the team at the Central O’ahu Family Guidance Center (COFGC) of the Child & Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD). We are seeking board-certified/eligible psychiatrists. Accepting applications now, open until position is filled.
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For more information about job opportunities with the State of Hawaii Department of Health, please visit https://health.hawaii.gov/employment.

Last reviewed on November 8, 2023