How to apply?

Applying for Services Booklet

Step 1.
You should begin to gather the following information, if available, before scheduling an intake appointment with our intake workers:

1. Proof of U.S. citizenship, legal alien status or citizen of one of the nations in the Compact of Free Association.
2. Medicaid I.D. card or Quest, QExA health plan card, if eligible.
3. Proof of any other insurance (HMSA, Kaiser, Tri-Care, UHAA, etc.).
4. All past and current psychological evaluations.
5. All medical reports that documents a developmental or intellectual disability.
6. All past and current Department of Education conference reports/evaluations.
7. All other past and current reports or assessments that may document the earliest diagnosis of a developmental or intellectual disability.

The applicant is responsible for obtaining and providing all information needed to document the disability or provide the sources for obtaining the documentation.

Step 2.
Call our intake office to schedule an appointment with an intake worker.

Step 3.
Keep your appointment. You will have an opportunity to discuss the Division’s eligibility criteria and the services we offer with our intake worker. Bring copies of the above documents to your appointment (NOTE: Copies will be for our records and will not be returned).

Sign an application form to begin the application process.

You may be asked for additional information to complete your application. You will have ninety (90) working days to submit all necessary information or your application may be closed. The application process will be considered completed on the date all required documentation is received by the Intake Office. The Intake Office has thirty (30) working days from the date of the completed application to determine eligibility for services.

To schedule an intake appointment, please call:

  • Oahu – (808) 733-1689
  • Big Island, Hilo – (808) 974-4280
  • Big Island, Kona – (808) 327-6212
  • Big Island, Waimea – (808) 887-6064
  • Maui – (808) 243-4625
  • Molokai – (808) 553-7898
  • Kauai – (808) 241-3406