Provides the forms needed to obtain the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, Zone of Mixing (ZOM), Notice of General Permit Coverage (NGPC), Conditional “No Exposure” Exclusion, and Section 401 Water Quality Certification (WQC).  Also provides the Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Form.  Need copies of CWB files?  Get a copy of the Request to Access a Government Record form here.  The Polluted Runoff Control Program’s Request for Proposals are available from this page.

The Department of Health (DOH), Environmental Health Administration (EHA) e-Permitting Portal received Cross-Media Electronic Reporting (CROMERR) certification by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Electronic Signature. This allows applicants to submit electronically through the EHA e-Permitting Portal without the need to physically send in an ink signature and CD/DVD. EHA Electronic Signature Forms may only be submitted by an account with electronic signature rights. For more information see:

NPDES and Section 401 WQC applicants and permittees may utilize 1) the existing e-Permitting forms that require an ink signature and a CD/DVD or 2) electronic signature e-Permitting forms. In the future, the DOH will only utilize electronic signature e-Permitting forms and discontinue the hard copy forms. Below is a list of electronic signature e-Permitting forms that are available:

  • Electronic Signature CWB Individual NPDES Form
  • Electronic Signature CWB NOI Form
  • Electronic Signature CWB NOI Form M
  • Electronic Signature “No Exposure” Certification Form
  • Electronic Signature CWB Compliance Submittal Form for Individual NPDES Permits and NGPCs
  • Electronic Signature CWB Individual Section 401 WQC Form
  • Electronic Signature NWP Blanket WQC Notification Form
  • Electronic Signature VGP DOH Notification Form

Standard NPDES Permit Conditions
These Standard NPDES Permit Conditions are attached to all NPDES Individual Permits. The Standard General Permit Conditions in Hawaii Department of Health, Hawaii Administrative Rules, Chapter 11-55, Appendix A are attached to all Notices of General Permit Coverage (NGPCs).

Industrial Storm Water

Determine Whether Your Facility is a Regulated Entity

NPDES Permit for Storm Water Discharge from Industrial Activities

Conditional “No-Exposure” Exclusion (CNEE)